16 Free Mia and Me printables from Centopia

I was searching around Netflix looking for something to watch in my “nothing looks good but I proceed to search anyway, wasting an hour just reading descriptions and deciding against watching it” mood, when I came across a show called “Mia and Me.” The cover art looked cute enough and the description sparked enough interest that I decided to watch the first episode. Turns out I was hooked, and pretty soon, so was my whole family.

This TV series begins in the “real world” where Mia is a teen who loses her parents in an accident. Due to this accident, Mia must attend a boarding school. She is left with a final gift from her parents. Inside the beautifully wrapped box is a book and a bracelet. However, this book is no ordinary book, it is a game! By pressing the bracelet and saying the required password, Mia can enter the amazing world of Centopia!

Centopia is a magical place of elves, pans, unicorns, dragons and other fairy-tale creatures. When Mia enters Centopia, she becomes an elf and is tossed into the magical realm. This realm is different than real life and is animated with vivid colors. She meets other elves, discovers a dangerous threat, and helps her friends to save Centopia.

As viewers, we get to join Mia in her travels as she helps save Centopia from evil. Young viewers will also get to learn with Mia as she discovers how to be a friend and how to deal with real life problems. It is adventurous, funny, and even contains a few subtleties for adults watching the show.



Since I enjoyed the show so much, I decided to find what kind of printables and crafts the Mia and me Website might have to offer. Turns out, there are several different activites the whole family can enjoy! The website has:

  • Coloring Pages
  • Puppets
  • Banners
  • Mobile
  • Bookmarks
  • Decorations
  • Wallpapers
  • and even a couple of Christmas activities
  • To get these activities and crafts head over to the Mia and me Website or click the images below and save the PDF to your computer. Then just print and create for tons of family fun!

    Mia and Me Coloring Pages
    Garland ornaments decorations 1
    Garland ornaments decorations 2
    Christmas Wish List
    Christmas Ornaments
    Mia and Me Wallpapers
    Get your Screen size from the Mia and me Website

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