4th of July Hot Dog Fireworks Recipe

In 1777, one year after the United States of America’s gained their independence, Americans celebrated with fireworks decorating the sky. imagine the awe in Philadelphia as beautiful explosions lit the sky in magical colors of red, white and blue. This tradition has been part of our celebrations from the beginning, and today many 4th of July events are marked with an amazing choreographed fireworks display.

The fireworks display doesn’t have to remain in the sky. It can also take place on a table at our next barbecue. Orientaltrading.com shares a cute new recipe called “Hot Dog Fireworks” that will help bring the joy of fireworks to the table as fun food art.

This recipe takes an ordinary hot dog and makes it extraordinary. It is simple to create and takes very few ingredients to make.

Hot dog Firework Recipe

Image found on Orientaltrading.com

Hot Dog Fireworks
Items and ingredients needed:

  • Patriotic cupcake wrappers with toothpicks
  • Skewers
  • Favorite hot dogs
  • Pillsbury bread-stick dough or your favorite bread-stick dough
  • Favorite cheese cut into triangles (see image)
  • Directions

      1. Wrap each hot dog with the bread-stick dough and bake it according to instructions
      2. Turn a cupcake wrapper upside down and slide a skewer through the wrapper
      3. When the hot dog and bread are fully cooked, carefully skewer the hot dog and slide the cupcake wrapper to the bottom of the hot dog.
      4. With the toothpicks place a triangular piece of cheese on the tip of the hot dog.
      5. Display upright to look like fireworks.

    Don’t forget to grab skewers and cupcake wrappers with toothpicks to complete the “Hot Dog Fireworks” recipe. The Skewers allow them to be displayed standing up and make for ease when eating them at a large BBQ. The Cupcake wrappers help with keeping hands clean while eating the “Hot Dog Fireworks” and add that extra touch to the design. Here are the two items I suggest from Amazon.com:

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