5-Minute Stories Strike Back Review

After I scored big by grabbing the “5-Minute Stories Strike Back” book from Sam’s Club for half off due to their massive closure, I promised a review of the said book. This, well this is that review.

I will admit, I bought 5-Minute Stories Strike Back for three reasons. One: It is Star Wars related and I gravitate towards all things Star Wars. Two: I was at Sam’s Club and everything was 50% off, so it was basically the deal seeking shopper in me demanding I buy a book. Three: It is 5-minute stories. These types of stories are perfect for a quick Star Wars fix, reading as Bedtime stories, or a quick story to pass the time with the family to encourage reading. The last one, I would say is the most important.



The stories of these galactic adventures have captured the imagination of an all new generation. With the popularity of Star Wars at an all time sky high, every kid I know recognizes the sound of a lightsaber. We have seen it in many YouTube videos where kids have their very own “laser sword” battles.

To save the house from possible lightsaber destruction, Disney released an epic way for everyone to enjoy all things Star Wars: A book featuring Star Wars in 5-minutes stories called, “5-Minute Stories Strike Back.” Every story in the book is a quick scene from one of the main Star Wars films: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens, AND The Last Jedi. With 12 stories in total, this book is an epic tale of the Star Wars saga.

The Stories are:

  1. Short Negotiations
  2. Adventures in the Arena
  3. The Duel for Peace
  4. A Journey Begins
  5. Trapped in the Death Star
  6. Clash at Cloud City
  7. Death Star Battle
  8. Finn and Poe Team Up!
  9. Mission to Maz
  10. The Fight in the Foreest
  11. Poe’s Plan
  12. Captured in Canto Bight

Each story comes fully illustrated with wonderful pictures featuring all the main characters and epic star ship battles to help move the story along and enhance the imagination of all those reading or listening. It is a picture book for the Geek in all of us. (see image above).

The hardcover of the book is made of thick cardboard with a nice cushion-like cover. This makes the cover thick, durable, and somewhat soft, however, I wouldn’t use it as a pillow. Although with 184 pages, it is almost big enough to be a pillow. 🙂 The pages are thick making them durable as well, which is a plus when kids will be wanting to turn the pages themselves to see the next image or scene.

5-Minute Stories Strike Back has a suggested retail price of $12.99 US, which is amazing for this size of book. 5-Minute Stories Strike Back is meant for children 3 and up. That means us adults can enjoy it as well…we are included in that “up” part.

With amazing stories from all 8 main Star Wars films, a beautiful cushion cover and thick pages, and an amazing price, 5-Minute Stories Strike Back deserves a 5-star review.

Grab your copy of 5-Minute Stories Strike Back from Amazon.com.


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