8 Fun & Yummy St Patrick’s Day Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day foods can be tough to figure out year after year. Green ice cream and color frosting on sugar cookies get a little old after a while. I desired more than the basics this year so I went on a search for some fun snacks, breakfast ideas, and different desserts to enjoy, all featuring the color green. Turns out there are more recipes than I thought out there. All I had to do was search “St. Patrick’s Day foods” and there was enough there to keep me busy for a while (I love Pinterest!)



Below I have shared some of my favorite food ideas I found while doing my search. I totally love the Healthy Green Fruit Skewers and I can’t wait to try the Avocado Deviled Eggs!

1. St. Patrick’s Day Sugar Cookie Bars

Turn Sugar cookie dough into a bar, topp with green frosting and make a delicious treat the whole family will love! Found at overthebigmoon.com

2. Shamrock Shake

With just 4 simple ingredients, Shamrock Shakes can now be made at home for half the cost as getting them at fast food businesses! Found at savingdollarsandsense.com

3. Mini Grasshopper Pies

Possibly one of the easiest pie we will make in our life time, these little Grasshopper pies are perfect to have the whole family create their own for St. Patrick’s Day. Found at thriftydiydiva.com

4. Lucky Rice Krispie Treats

Mix in a little Lucky Charms into these Rice Krispie Treats to make a very Luck snack for the little leprechauns in the home. Found at classyclutter.net

5. Avocado Deviled Eggs

Go green this year by turning the classic Deviled Egg into a St. Patrick’s Day master piece by substituting egg yokes with Avocado. Sounds weird but oh so delish. Found at thismamacooks.com

6. Green Healthy Fruit Skewers

For a healthy snack, find all the green fruits in the produce isle and create fruit skewers and leprechaun would love to munch on. Found at getcreativejuice.com

7. Eggs in Green Peppers Rings

The Green Peppers certainly add the touch of St. Patrick’s Day green for the whole family to enjoy at breakfast time this St. Patrick’s Day. Found at reluctantentertainer.com

8. Andes Mint Cupcakes

This chocolate and mint combination is a deliciously perfect desssrt for St. Patrick’s Day, featuring green frosting and a little Andes Mint. Found at thriftyjinxy.com

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