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How to Make a Smurf’s House #DIY

The Smurfs Season 1 Volume 1 is out on DVD today  from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $10.99! That means all of us fans can “la la la la” through a whole new series featuring our favorite blue characters the Smurfs! They are also joined by a …

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Nickelodeon The Smurfs Season 1 Volume 1 Smurfy DVD #Giveaway

Get ready for the smurfiest DVD featuring our favorite Smurfs in The Smurfs Season 1 Volume 1! This episode collection features 9 episodes that contain 2 stories each. that is 18 smurf-tastic stories! These fantastic stories’ will be released on DVD June 14, 2022 from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment. The Smurfs Season …

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Snack Charcuterie Recipe Inspired By Blue’s Clues & You! Let’s Learn With Blue

Blue’s Clues and You! Learning with Blue will be on on DVD tomorrow May 24, 2022. Fans will get to learn their abcs and recognize words with objects, count money, sing a long to the planets in our solar system, and learn an array of colors! There is so much learning and so much fun …

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Boss Baby is Back in an All New Netflix Series Boss Baby: Back in the Crib!

The Boss Baby is coming back May 19, 2022 in an all new series on Netflix called Boos Baby: Back in the Crib! Continuing from where the second movie left off, Boss Baby is once again a baby and has moved in with his adult older brother. That means, Tim is once again taking care …

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Galaxy of Creatures Printable Activity and Coloring Pages

Like the Galactic Pals Coloring Pages, Disney has released several coloring pages featuring some of the creatures from the Star Wars Universe called Galaxy of Creatures. They are done in a similar art style seen in the Galactic Pals, but feature different creatures…except for maybe the Porg and Rancor. Along with the coloring pages, Disney …

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Mini Flower Pudding Pies Recipe Inspired By Nick Jr. Spring Is Here

Spring is here, the grass is turning green, and the flowers are in bloom! It is so great to see life come alive as the weather warms up. Nickelodeon is celebrating the new season with their fantastic release of Nick Jr. Spring Is Here, now available on DVD! The DVD has 6 episodes all dedicated …

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PAAS Galactic Eggs Makes Dyeing Eggs Out-of-This-World Fun!

I have found the coolest egg dyeing kit on this side of the galaxy! What a way to start a post, right? But this claim doesn’t come without merit. In fact, I bought this kit so my family could try it out. I don’t think we have had more fun dyeing eggs. Easter is going …

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Marshmallow Pops Inspired by Baby Shark’s Big Show! Super Shark – #Recipe

Baby Shark’s Big Show: Super Shark was released on DVD Feb. 1, 2022. Fans get to swim along with Baby and his friends as they become superheroes, play games, brave the dark depths, and much more! Grab the DVD from (affiliate link). In celebration of Baby Shark’s Big Show! newest DVD release, here is …

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Cubeecraft of Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto

Disney has released a highly popular film featuring a very special family with a very special house in a very special location. Let’s just say everything in Encanto is special. After losing her husband, Abuela received a miracle. This miracle gave her a home with a personality, safety from invaders, and a great place to …

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Printable Valentine’s Day Cards Inspired By The Movie American Underdog

American Underdog, the movie that is bring the heart-warming story of Hall of Fame quarterback, Kurt Warner, to life, is now available digitally and will be available on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD, & On Demand on February 22 from Lionsgate! Grab a copy of it from (affiliate link) and …

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