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Cubeecraft of Cheburashka with #CubeeFollowMeEyes

After watching an Episode of Cheburashka, I fell in love with the little character. He is so cute with his Teddy Bear like Body and really big ears. It isn’t a wonder on how the Cheburashka became so popular. In fact many of my readers fell in love with my Cheburashka cubeecraft. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I …

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TV Show Cubeecrafts

Arrow Katy Perry Chef Ramsay Dan Chris foop Cheburashka Cheburashka His from Psych Shawn from Psych Dr. Wily Caretaker

Printable Follow-Me-Eyes Pumpkint DIY Paper Craft

Halloween is a couple days away and I still have one more craft to share. So before Halloween is here and gone here is another fun Follow-Me-Eyes paper craft that is sure to bring laughter into the house…Or that creepy feeling that something is always watching you. How about a little of both. This time, …

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Printable Follow-Me-Eyes Ghost DIY Paper Craft

I’ll admit it, I didn’t start decorating for Halloween until this last weekend. Sometimes life, and the forgetful brain, get in the way. I had that “Oh No” moment when I walked into a store and saw their Halloween display towering down at me with laughing animatronics, creepy ghosts, and nasty spiders. Oh the eight-;egged …

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Free cubeecraft of Murray

Murray is a comical, larger-than-life, Egyptian Mummy who is always looking to party, when he isn’t hitting on the female mummies. One of Dracula’s oldest friends, Murray visits Hotel Transylvania every chance he gets, especially when Dennis is born. Never missing a birthday party, Murray always brings, what he considers to be, the best gifts. …

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