A Series of Frozen Events Meets Count Olaf

There are times when even I should have the mouse ripped from my hands and the computer demolished, and this was one of those times. I implore you to run away from this blog, look away before you have seen something you can’t un-see. This vile fan-art combines two series that have nothing in common but a simple name. This crossover event should have been deleted, never shared with those of innocent eyes. In fact, I am wondering why you continue to read these horrific words intending to see what should never be unveiled. The fiendish artist, SKGaleana, knows what dastardly deed she is committing and still pushes forth to share her creation. It is as if the snowflake of common sense has melted away leaving us with something that should never see the light of day, especially when one turns the Evil Count Olaf into a snowman. “Snowman” is a phrase which here means, “snow shaped to resemble a human figure,” in this case, Count Olaf.



Once again I beg you to look away. These images will not be pleasant and will leave lasting scars on the Frozen fans everywhere. There will be no going back in time to keep from seeing these images. One: because time travel does not yet exist. Two: Going back could have a horrific effect on the time line, possibly making events and images worse rather than better.

Since you are still here:
The journey starts with just an ordinary snowman, brought to life by Elsa with her magical powers. But the story doesn’t end there. Because of a simple name innocently given to a happy snowman, we now have a crazy crossover event that no one should see. However, since this blog is so insistent on sharing the following images, we will see this happy snowman, who was so foolishly named Olaf, change into a costume wearing fiend. Once again, I say, Look Away.

I warned you, and now these dastardly images will be burned into your subconscious, forever haunting your dreams. You should have looked away.

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