Animal Fairy Activities for the Mind and Body

Time to enhance the Body and the Mind with Fawn from Tinker Bell Legend of the Neverbeast on DVD and Blu-ray Now!

How does an animal fairy stay fit and keep her mind active? She learns new facts every day and does animal Yoga poses! In this awesome new activity pack, Fawn teaches us awesome facts about animals and how we can be like an animal fairy.

    “Every good animal fairy nurtures nature by helping our animal friends.”

One example from the fact sheet is to “CREATE HABITATS for birds in your own backyard by simply hanging up a bird house or providing a bird bath for them to enjoy.” in other words give them a home and a place to feel safe and comfortable.

The animal fact sheet shares more than just ideas on how to be a good Animal Fairy, it will also share facts about animals that are important to know. For example, did you know about 1/2 of all mammals are rodents? Download the activity pack to learn more and begin your Animal Fairy training.

The activity pack also includes a Fairy quiz. How much do you know about Pixie Hollow and the fairies that live there? Take the quiz and find out.

Once the learning and testing is done, take a break with some relaxing Yoga poses. Be a Cobra, a Horse, or even a mouse. Use the sheet and mimic the poses illustrated.

This activity pack is free to download. Simply click the image below and save the PDF. You can then start your journey enlightening the mind and body to become more like an Animal Fairy.

Tinker bell legend of the never beast button Fawn Mind and Body

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Neverbeast gruff

Don’t forget to grab a copy of Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast from!

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