Avengers Endgame Is a Love/Dislike Movie

The final chapter of the 22 movie MCU series is given a fitting title, Avengers: Endgame.After 11 years, everything we have endured side by side with our favorite characters is coming to an explosive end with a nearly 3 hour cinematic not-to-be-missed story. It is already released on digital but will be on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™, DVD and On-Demand Aug. 13.




I will admit, I love/dislike this film. I love the characters, the graphics, the story, the hope, the gains, and the emotions that this final movie managed to induce. It is great to see all of my favorite characters interact as each story line comes to a head and collides to form a cohesive end. I am still teary-eyed that this is the end of the old, however, it looks like it could be the start of something new.

At first we learn how the team has dealt with 50 percent of the animals and humans missing from the planet. It has certainly placed many of our characters into a slump, some more than others…Poor Thor.

Beer Belly Thor

Despite the fact that many of them have had to come to terms with a severe loss in their life, they still show how heroic they are by putting aside their troubles to attempt a one last, all -in move to save the world and the universe from their past failure . The team gets back together!

Of course, the only way to fix the world is to use what destroyed it in the first place, Meaning, once again, the infinity stones are on the list to find. But the only way to do that is time travel. Our heroes must take a trip in the past, which is now their future, so that they can save their future from the past…yeah..that made sense.

In going to the past, it also means that past enemies, past friends and family, and past events will be in the way of their elected quest, and this includes Thanos.

All of their adventures come together in the final scene when Thanos once again threatens the world, and this time, he plans to wipe out all of the terrains. This is where the dislikes come in. But I don’t want to say too much since it would spoil a lot. I know I put a warning above so I will simply say, I don’t like death, especially when it is characters I love. I always feel like the story could have gone another way, where everyone lives and they all stay together.

However, even with my dislike, I still give this movie 5 stars. It really kept my attention through the ups and downs, I laughed and I cried, and it was a fitting conclusion to the 11 year movie series…with the exception of a few things.

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