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As many of you may know, I created a Slugterra Card Game for my family so that we could become Slugslinging Masters. We fell in love with the game as we dueled fellow family and friends with some of our favorite Slugs from Slugterra. Since we were having such a great time, I decided to share the idea with my fellow readers. As it turns out, many of you loved the idea of a Slugterra Card Game. I immediately started getting emails wondering when the cards would become available and how the game might be played. In march of last year, fans got their wish when I finally posted the rule book, starter deck information and booster pack information (found here).



Over the last 11 months, I have received feedback, questions, and comments regarding game play, cards, rules, and more. I could not be more happy with what has been said! Everyone has loved the look of the cards, the game play and the little extras included. Kids have loved being able to grab their favorite slugs and add them to their arsenal. And I have enjoyed every minute of watching fellow Slugterra fans duel and become master Slugslingers.

Some of you have even taken the printable cards a step further and have had them printed professionally. For example, this last Christmas, I received a donation from Mike S. with the request for the Earth and Fire starter deck and several booster packs. Like I usually do, I sent the cards, thrilled that another Slugterra fan has become a slugslinger and possibly the next Unbeatable Master. What I didn’t expect were the awesome photos sent to me afterwards.

Mike S Slugterra Photo8

Mike made sure that he and his family would have a durable game to play for all the slugslingers in the house by:

  • laminating the Slugterra cavern board
  • getting the cards professionally printed by
  • making tokens & token boxes to hold counters/etc.
  • and by putting all the cards in protective sleeves

Mike S Slugterra Photo7

They turned out absolutely amazing!! I could not believe the amount of work that was placed into making such a professional deck of cards! Not only do the cards look great, but you can tell the family is absolutely enjoying game play. They even practice Slug Fu!

Version 3

With the Booster Packs that Mike received, Mike and his family were also able to create their own arsenal and their own personal Deck. After all, the start of becoming a great Slugslinger is increasing your collection of slugs. Obviously Mike and his family are serious about becoming the next Shane Gang, if not better.

Mike S Slugterra Photo1

Mike S Slugterra Photo2

I want to thank Mike S. for these awesome photos and for sharing how he created such a durable and beautiful deck of cards. It is truly an honor to see the game loved and played!

Check out how you can get the starter deck and booster packs by checking out the Slugterra Card Game on my blog. Read the rule book to learn how to play, evolve and begin creating your very own personal deck. Take picture of your game play and you may just end up featured on SKGaleana!

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