Dec 27 2017

My Little Pony: The Movie has an Anti-Bullying Message

My Little Pony Fans get to join the Mane 6 in their all new adventure, My Little Pony: The Movie, which comes to Blu-ray™ Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital), DVD, and On Demand January 9 from Lionsgate! This epic release features Best friends Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity team up in their most epic adventure yet! The mission, to save Equestria from the evil Storm King.

While everyone is preparing for the first Friendship Festival, Princess Twilight Sparkle is more of a wreck with how to keep the festival fun and exciting. She even asks to have the sun and moon moved for optimum festive lighting. While the other princess ponies were not willing to move the heavens for Princess Twilight Sparkle, they did give her the advice that since she is the Princess of Friendship, she has everything she needs to make the festival a huge success.



This is where the film goes from light and fun to dark in a matter of seconds. The “PG” rating is more of a PGfr (Parental Guidance for real). Unlike the cute MLP cartoon we find on Netflix, which my 3-year old niece loves, this movie is a little much for the younger audience. Once it goes dark and the Storm King’s minions enter the the scene, the movie never really brightens until we reach the end. The few songs scattered between are really the only happy release the audience gets. I suggest adults watch this movie first to determine if their younger children would be able to handle the “bad guys” and the creatures found within this film.

While I suggest a preview before the younger audience watches My Little Pony The Movie, I do find the movie to have a great message. Not only is it about how to be a friend, but it also includes a hidden gem about bullying and how it can negatively affect the lives of those who endure such horrible actions from others. For example, Tempest Shadow is introduced as the lead minion to the Storm King. Her skills and broken horn lead to the capture of all the Princesses but Princess Twilight Sparkle. In an effort to gain the powers from the Princess of Friendship, Tempest Shadow must follow Twilight Sparkle and her friends beyond the boarders of Equestria.

As the movie moves forward, we learn that the bullying from others has lead Tempest Shadow down this evil path to try and find a way to repair her horn so that she could look like everyone else. With the magical powers of Princess Twilight Sparkle and the other Princess Ponies, the Storm King would have the ultimate power and he would be able to restore her horn. The problem is, evil likes to destroy, not repair, and Tempest Shadow must make a life-changing decision before this movie ends.

I truly love the fact that while My Little Pony: The Movie has one monumental theme about how to be friends and why we should be friends, it has some explinations of what happens when we choose not to be friends and bully those for just looking different. While I would say the delivery is a little rough for kids, My Little Pony is great for the older children in the audience and the young at heart.

More about My Little Pony: The Movie:

  • Deleted Scene
  • Equestria Girls Short
  • “Baking with Pinkie Pie” Featurette
  • “Making Magic with the Mane 6 and Their New Friends” Featurette
  • “The Journey Beyond Equestria” Featurette
  • “I’m the Friend You Need” Music Video (Sung by Taye Diggs)
  • “Hanazuki: Full of Treasures” Featurette
    Year of Production: 2017
    Title Copyright: My Little Pony: The Movie © 2017 My Little Pony Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved. Artwork & Supplementary Materials © 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2018 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc.
    Type: Theatrical Release
    Rating: PG for mild action
    Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
    Closed-Captioned: N/A
    Subtitles: Spanish, English SDH
    Feature Run Time: 99 Minutes

    Dec 23 2017

    Claire and Dave Crosby Perform ‘When We’re Together’

    Happy Holidays!! Take a look – two of Ellen’s favorite singers, Claire and Dave Crosby (the father-daughter duo) visited Disney Animation Studios to perform “When We’re Together” from Disney’s new featurette, “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.”

    The Crosby’s sing “When We’re Together”:

    Check out the Crosby’s other songs om



    “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” stars the voice cast of Josh Gad, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff. “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” is now available on Digital SD/HD and Movies Anywhere. The digital copy will also add six classic Disney shorts to your holiday digital collection.

    Dec 21 2017

    Porg Cookies Anyone?

    Image from Disney Family

    This time of year calls for Gingerbread houses, Sugar cookies in the shape of stockings and snowmen, and a Christmas tree decorated with holiday lights. Many people have a delicious Porg in the oven for Christmas Dinner…I mean Ham, I definitely meant ham…even though a well cooked Porg looks totally Yummy. Come to think of it, I may not be the only one that desires a little Porg on my Christmas table. Disney must have realized the need for tasty Porgs this Christmas because they created a fabulous Star Wars: The Last Jedi Porg Cookie Recipe. Before I start getting emails about how Porg lives matter, let me just say, “No Porgs were injured or killed in the making of this recipe.” 😉



    To make these Porg Cookies you will require the Porg Template found on Disney Family.

    Note: all cooking and cutting should be done by an adult. However the kids will have a blast decorating them!

    The cookie itself is pretty easy to make. The dough is a basic sugar cookie recipe and very delish. The decorations on the other hand are a little more difficult, at least they were for me. Tiny details such as feet, frowns, and wings are not my forte. Most of my Porgs looked like Snowmen, which were recently in a horrific accident. However, they were still fun to make and yummy to eat.

    Porg Cookies

    • Servings: 24
    • Difficulty: easy to intermediate
    • Print



    • Porg Template
    • Cardstock
    • Scissors
    • 1/2 Cup unsalted butter, softened
    • 1 Cup white sugar
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 Tsp vanilla extract
    • 3 Tbsp milk
    • 3 Tsp baking powder
    • 2 1/2 Cups all-purpose flour
    • Circular cookie cutter
    • ICING:

    • 2 Tbsp meringue powder
    • 1/4 Cup water (plus more for thinning)
    • 4 Cups powdered sugar
    • 1 Tsp vanilla extract
    • Orange, gray, and white gel food coloring
    • Pastry bags and tips
    • Offset spatula
    • Toothpicks
    • Black candies

    Photo and recipe from Disney Family

    1. Print out the porg template on cardstock and cut out your preferred size (it should be similar in size to the cookie cutter).
    2. Preheat oven to 375° F.
    3. Then, start on the dough. Cream butter and sugar by mixing together.
    4. Whisk eggs in a separate small bowl until yolk and whites are combined.
    5. Add whisked eggs, vanilla, and milk into butter and sugar mixture, beating together.
    6. In a separate bowl, mix together baking powder and flour. Then add it into your wet cookie mix and combine together with a rubber spatula.
    7. On a floured surface, roll out cookie dough.
    8. Bend the cookie cutter into the shape of the porg cutout. Then use to cut out the cookie dough.
    9. Bake on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet for 7-9 minutes. Let cool.
    10. Now make the royal icing.
    11. In a mixer, whisk together meringue powder and water until foam starts forming. Add powdered sugar and vanilla. Mix for about 2 minutes for the right consistency. If the mixture is too thick, add more water (1 teaspoon at a time).
    12. Separate into bowls and add food coloring. Thin the icing with water, until it has reached the desired consistency.
    13. Add to piping bags. Then, decorate using the template as a reference. To frost the main shape in white, start with a large tip and place frosting in the middle. Then use an offset spatula to spread to the corners. For the more intricate details in orange and gray, use smaller tips. Make the borders and expand to the middle with toothpicks. Then add dark candies for the eyes.
    14. Store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to enjoy the cookies!

    For more Porg Crafts and Recipes check out my blog here:

    Dec 19 2017

    Easter Eggs In Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

    Today, Disney is celebrating the digital release of OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE on Digital SD/HD and Movies Anywhere, starring the voice cast of Josh Gad, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff. This all new adventure stars everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. When Anna and Elsa realize that they may not have a Christmas tradition, Olaf teams up with Sven and goes door to door through Arendelle hoping to find some of the best traditions to save his friends holiday.



    Like many Disney movies, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is packed full of Easter eggs, from a nod to Moana to remembering Christmas’s past with Prep and Landing. Watch the video below to check out where some of the Easter Eggs are, then watch the short to see how many you can find.

    This digital holiday collection also includes 6 other Disney Shorts to watch during the best time of year. They include:

  • THE HOCKEY CHAMP – Donald Duck shows his nephews the moves that won him his hockey trophy, but the boys have a few moves of their own.
  • WINTER – Silly Symphony – In this musical short – the last of the ‘Silly Symphony’ series – see wintertime from the point of view of our favorite woodland creatures.
  • THE ART OF SKIING – The first cartoon to use the now-famous Goofy holler, this short features Goofy learning how to ski at the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort.
  • PLUTO’S CHRISTMAS TREE – While picking out their Christmas tree, Mickey and Pluto chop down the perfect one, unaware that they’re bringing home Chip and Dale along for the ride.
  • ONCE UPON A WINTERTIME – While courting Jenny, Joe tries to show off on the ice, but events soon turn to a timely rescue in this musical December Valentine.
  • POLAR TRAPPERS – The first cartoon to feature Donald and Goofy without Mickey; The duo are animal trappers in the South Pole with very different (and hilariously unsuccessful) approaches.

  • Dec 18 2017

    Free Coloring Page featuring Petit from Disney’s Princess Palace Pets

    Princess Belle has a palace pet she found during winter. Petit is a tan pony with hazel eyes. She has a pink mane and tail with a hair style that matches Belle. She wears rose jewelry since the rose is so significant in Belle’s life.

    Petit’s Story:
    Belle found this little pony on a winter day while strolling near the frozen lake. Petit is adventurous and strong willed, but she doesn’t have an easy-going temperament. Petit doesn’t let anyone ride her except Belle. She is called Petite in some merchandise.



    This Printable coloring page is free to download! Then simply print and color for some Princess Palace Pet Fun. If you do download this printable please consider donating. It takes a lot of time to create these fun printables and every little bit allows me to continue to bring these fun printables to you.

    Amount you wish to Donate

    To download The Petit Coloring Page:
    1. Click the image below
    2. Save the PDF to your computer
    3. Print, color and enjoy

    You can download more free printable Disney Princess Palace Pets on my blog here:

    Once the page has been colored, please share. I would love to see the art and share some of them on my facebook page.

    Dec 15 2017

    Little Mariah Demonstrates a DIY Santa Hat Headband

    The holidays are in full swing! If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your family or last-minute stocking stuffer for your kids, look no further than Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You DVD and Blu-ray!

    Narrated and executive produced by Mariah Carey, the animated family film follows little Mariah as she chases her dream of having a puppy of her very own, making her ultimate wish for Christmas come true! The film features an original song written just for the release and also includes 3 of her Christmas Classics!

    Check out the following clips featuring a star from the film, Breanna Yde who voices Little Mariah, as she demonstrates how to make a cute Santa Hat Headband (also included in an activity button below) and gives pet adoption tips.

    Santa Hat Headband Video



    Pet Adoption PSA

    Have you ever wanted to adopt a dog but weren’t sure if you were ready for the responsibility or even sure where to start? Adopting a new dog or puppy can be so exciting! As the holidays approach, many kids and families will scribble “puppy” onto their holiday wish list but it’s important to remember that taking care of another life comes with lots of responsibility! In support of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You we talked with The Vanderpump Dog Foundation to get the top tips and tricks you should consider before you bring a new furry friend into your home! Be sure to check out the film on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital, and On Demand to see how little Mariah handles her new responsibility!


      1. What are some questions potential pet owners should ask themselves or their children before adopting?

      Being a pet parent is a full time job. Some things to think about: Do I have enough time to dedicate to acclimating and training. You need to think about if you are financially equipped to deal with the many things that come along with caring for a rescue. Do all the members of my family support this decision? It’s a team effort so everyone should be on board.

      2. Do you have any numbers of how many pets are adopted during the holidays each year? Of those adopted about how many are returned, brought to shelters, or neglected due to the new owners not being ready?

      We don’t have numbers but it is well documented that adoptions spike during the holidays. Many people adopt dogs for their kids or loved ones. As a result, we also see a spike in returns and surrendered animals. People make quick, impulse decisions for the holidays and later realize the responsibility is too much.

      3. Where should someone look to adopt pets?

      We highly encourage that potential adopters look in their local shelters and research rescue groups in their state. There are so many homeless animals in need of a good home. Adopt and don’t shop.

      4. What are some benefits for adopting vs buying from a pet store?

      Each year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States, simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people consider adoption when looking for a pet. When you adopt and don’t shop you not only save the life of the animal you adopt but so many other lives. Adopting a dog is typically much more affordable than buying from a pet store or breeder.

      And most importantly remember, dogs are family!!!

    Dec 15 2017

    DreamWorks Trollhunters Part 2 Premieres Today!

    Part 2 of DreamWorks Animation Television’s Emmy Award-winning TROLLHUNTERS, from Guillermo del Toro, debuting Today exclusively on Netflix! In Part 2 of the epic saga DreamWorks Trollhunters, ordinary teen-turned-Trollhunter Jim Lake Jr. faces new challenges in his continued battle to protect his hometown of Arcadia and the fantastical Troll world he inherited. Jim’s risky decision to enter the Darklands unearths startling discoveries, forcing him and his friends to face gripping consequences as they race to end the battle against evil.
    Check out the trailer below for a quick preview.

    This global family viewing event from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will bring viewers of all ages together, debuting only on Netflix, Today.



    Part 2 features new voices Mark Hamill, Lena Headey and David Bradley, who join Kelsey Grammer in his Emmy-winning role as Blinky, Steven Yeun (Steve), Anjelica Huston (Queen Ursurna), Jonathan Hyde (Strickler), Amy Landecker (Barbara) and Charlie Saxton (Toby). The late Anton Yelchin, who completed recording through Part 2, voices the lead role of Jim Lake, Jr.

    The Netflix original series premiered on Dec 23, 2016, with the first-ever 26-episode debut, which lead the Creative Arts Daytime Emmys with six wins, more than any other program, including writing for an animated program (Marc Guggenheim), directing (Rodrigo Blaas, del Toro), casting (Ania O’Hare, Mary Hildalgo) and a voice acting win for Grammer.

    DreamWorks Trollhunters is created and executive produced by del Toro with Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow), Rodrigo Blaas (Alma) and Chad Hammes (Dragons: Race to the Edge) and Christina Steinberg (Rise of the Guardians) serving as executive producers. Dan Hageman (The Lego Movie, Ninjago) and Kevin Hageman (The Lego Movie, Ninjago) serve as co-executive producers.

    Dec 15 2017

    Printable Star Wars Porg Paper Snowflakes DIY

    December 15 marks the release date for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is common knowledge for many of us super fans out there. The funny thing is, most of us are probably just as excited to see those little fluffy Porgs just as much as we are to see the whole movie. These little penguin-like creatures have really waddled in to the hearts of several fans, mine included.



    In anticipation of Star Wars: the Last Jedi coming to theaters, Anthony Herrera Designs has made it possible for every fan out there tp decorate their home in all things Porg with two fantastic designs of Porg snowflakes! And to make it even better, he provides the patterns for free. All we have to do is Download, print, and create!!

    To download these wonderful snowflake patterns simply head over to Anthony Herrera Designs click the links and save the Porg designs to you computer. Be sure to also check all the other awesome Star Wars snowflake designs Anthony has on his blog. It is a wonderful collection!

    The Porg snowflakes come in two designs: Calm and Excited Porg as shown below.

    Images from Anthony Herrera Designs

    Dec 11 2017

    This DIY Porg Stocking Is Perfect for a Jedi or a Sith

    Images and craft from

    There is nothing that says “Holidays” Like a fluffy Porg…well there might be other things, but Porgs are the best. This year, Disney is helping us deck the halls with all things Porg starting with this adorable Porg Stocking! Of course, this DIY teaches us how to make cute pom-pom Porgs, so now we can put them everywhere. “Deck the halls with Porgs and Holly, fa la la la la la la la la”

    To make this stocking follow the instructions below or check them out on They also have many other star wars Crafts that are sure to put this holiday into hyperspace.



    What You’ll Need

  • White, orange, and gray felt
  • Scissors
  • Large white pom pom
  • Medium gray pom pom
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Felt tip marker
  • Black buttons
  • String
  • Small pom poms
  • Tassels
  • Stocking
  • How To Make It

    1. Start by cutting out the felt: 1 orange eye piece, 2 white circles (a little larger than the buttons), 1 white nose/mouth piece, 2 gray wings, and 2 orange feet.
    2. Glue the orange felt piece onto the gray pom pom.
    3. Draw the mouth and nostrils onto the larger white piece and glue over orange piece.
    4. Glue white circles, then black buttons. Next, glue the two wings onto the top sides of the white pom pom.
    5. Glue gray pom pom to white pom pom. Then, glue the little feet onto the white pom pom. Let dry completely.
    6. Cut a long string that will attach the pom pom porg to the stocking.
    7. Carefully spread both the white and gray pom poms a little apart, lengthwise, until you hit the center. Then add glue and string to the middle of both and close back up. Let dry completely.
    8. Use the same technique to glue mini pom poms to the string, above the pom pom porg. Then, cut two more pieces of string and attach mini pom poms.
    9. Glue or tie tassels to the end of all 3 pieces of string. Then gather them at the top and tie them around the hook of your stocking.

    All cutting and gluing should be done by an adult.

    Dec 08 2017

    Free Coloring Page featuring Madame Hamilot from Disney’s Princess Palace Pets

    Princess Snow White has a new palace pet named Madame Hamilot. This little light yellow hamster has brown eyes and a small pink nose.
    She wears a gold bow withe a red heart that sports Snow White’s style.

    Madame Hamilot’s Story:
    She was found in the bushes snacking on the strawberries by Berry. So Berry brought Madame Hamilot home to Snow White where she could snack on lots of delicious treats.



    This Printable coloring page is free to download! Then simply print and color for some Princess Palace Pet Fun. If you do download this printable please consider donating. It takes a lot of time to create these fun printables and every little bit allows me to continue to bring these fun printables to you.

    Amount you wish to Donate

    To download The Madame Hamilot Coloring Page:
    1. Click the image below
    2. Save the PDF to your computer
    3. Print, color and enjoy

    You can download more free printable Disney Princess Palace Pets on my blog here:

    Once the page has been colored, please share. I would love to see the art and share some of them on my facebook page.