Become a Slugslinger with SKGaleana’s Card Game

SKGaleana Slugterra Trading Card Game SKGaleana

As many of you may know, I created a Slugterra Card Game for my family so that we could become Slugslinging Masters. We fell in love with the game as we dueled fellow family and friends with some of our favorite Slugs from Slugterra. Since we were having such a great time, I decided to share the idea with my fellow readers. As it turns out, many of you loved the idea of a Slugterra Card Game. I immediately started getting emails wondering when the cards would become available and how the game might be played. In march of last year, fans got their wish when I finally posted the rule book, starter deck information and booster pack information (found here).



Over the last 11 months, I have received feedback, questions, and comments regarding game play, cards, rules, and more. I could not be more happy with what has been said! Everyone has loved the look of the cards, the game play and the little extras included. Kids have loved being able to grab their favorite slugs and add them to their arsenal. And I have enjoyed every minute of watching fellow Slugterra fans duel and become master Slugslingers.

Some of you have even taken the printable cards a step further and have had them printed professionally. For example, this last Christmas, I received a donation from Mike S. with the request for the Earth and Fire starter deck and several booster packs. Like I usually do, I sent the cards, thrilled that another Slugterra fan has become a slugslinger and possibly the next Unbeatable Master. What I didn’t expect were the awesome photos sent to me afterwards.

Mike S Slugterra Photo8

Mike made sure that he and his family would have a durable game to play for all the slugslingers in the house by:

  • laminating the Slugterra cavern board
  • getting the cards professionally printed by
  • making tokens & token boxes to hold counters/etc.
  • and by putting all the cards in protective sleeves

Mike S Slugterra Photo7

They turned out absolutely amazing!! I could not believe the amount of work that was placed into making such a professional deck of cards! Not only do the cards look great, but you can tell the family is absolutely enjoying game play. They even practice Slug Fu!

Version 3

With the Booster Packs that Mike received, Mike and his family were also able to create their own arsenal and their own personal Deck. After all, the start of becoming a great Slugslinger is increasing your collection of slugs. Obviously Mike and his family are serious about becoming the next Shane Gang, if not better.

Mike S Slugterra Photo1

Mike S Slugterra Photo2

I want to thank Mike S. for these awesome photos and for sharing how he created such a durable and beautiful deck of cards. It is truly an honor to see the game loved and played!

Check out how you can get the starter deck and booster packs by checking out the Slugterra Card Game on my blog. Read the rule book to learn how to play, evolve and begin creating your very own personal deck. Take picture of your game play and you may just end up featured on SKGaleana!

The Fifth Element Valentine’s Day Cards


Perhaps the greatest love story of all time features an all perfect being and a taxi cab driver who’s life quite literally mimics that of s cliche country song. Despite their differences, their constant battle to save the universe, and the constant life threatening situations, Corban Dallas and Leeloo find a way to come together and light up the sky. How beautiful is that? I say, The Fifth Element is the perfect Valentine’s Day film for all those cute geeky couples that are looking to stay in, snuggle and munch on chocolate and popcorn. After all, Love is the reason why the universe is saved.



To celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, I have created these Printable Multi Pass Valentine’s Day Cards. These are free to download but a Donation would be more than acceptable. *wink*

Amount you wish to Donate

There are two style cards featured on this 1-page PDF. The first card features Leeloo’s picture and a place to fill in the “to & from”. The second card has two blank white squares where you can add your own pictures and create your very own Multi Pass Valentine’s Day Cards. To download these cards click the image below and save the PDF. Then simply pint and create for the most epic Valentine’s Day Cards this side of the galaxy.

Fifth ele,ent Valentine's Day Cards

Free Dreamworks Printable Valentine’s Day Cards!

Valentine's Day Toothless
This Valentine’s Day, spread some love with DreamWorks Free Valentine’s Day Cards featuring our favorite characters from Dinotrux, The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show and Dragons: Race to the Edge. Yes, you read that right, the cards are free! All you have to do is print them out, have the kids fill them out and share them at their Valentine’s Day party/event. The PDF is 3 pages featuring a show on each page making it easy to select the show you want to print!



Page 1 features Mr. Peabody and Sherman:

  • Doggonit, you’re cute
  • Life would be so RUFF without you!
  • You’re PAW-SOME!

Page 2 features Ty Rux, Revvit, and Skya:

  • You’re DINO-MITE!
  • You’re TY-RIFFIC!
  • You make my heart ROAR!

Page 3 features Hiccup, Toothless, and Astrid:

  • You’re my BEST BUD!
  • We go together like HICCSTRID
  • you make TIME FLY

All these characters are here to help us let our friends know how dino-mite and pawsome they are! Click the image below to download your free Valentine’s Day cards and let the fun begin!

Dreamworks Valentine's Day cards printable SKGaleana

Season 2 of Dragons: Race to the Edge is currently available on Netflix. Dinotrux Season 2 premieres on March 11 and The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show Season 2 launches on March 18!

Find more Dreamworks printable Valentine’s Day Cards by following the links below. There are Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Monsters vs Aliens, Shrek, Croods, and Home!

The Land Before Time Free Valentine’s Day Cards

Land Before Time-Journey of the Brave_on DVD Feb 2

The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave follows Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, and Cera on an all new adventure outside of the Great Valley. When Littlefoot’s father is trapped by the fire mountain, it is up to the gang to find him and save him before it is too late. The journey is full of dangers including sharp teeth, storms, and lava, however with the help of friends, the journey may just be a success. The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave DVD is only available at Walmart but you can get the digital copy of the movie from



This Valentine’s Day, your kids can celebrate friendship with Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Cera, Chomper, Wild arms and Ella from The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave. These unique Valentine’s Day Cards each feature a different character and a place to fill out the to and from. Simply print them out, fill them out and have the kids pass them out to their friends. To download these free cards click the image below. The PDF will then save to your computer. Makes for wonderfully easy Valentine’d Day notes for everyone in the classroom or at a Valentine’s Day party.

Land Before Time Valentine's Day Cards Printable SKGaleana

Be sure to check out the other free activities from The Land Before Time by clicking the image below. There are coloring pages, a maze and other fun things to do.


Free Printable Slugterra Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentines day cards slugterra

The day of Love is upon us and shockingly there is absolutely no Slugterra Valentine’s Day Cards. I went to every store I could think of (including the dollar store) searching for at least one pack of 20-32 cards with Eli and the Shane Gang and the cute little slugs. Turns out they don’t make them. I wish I would have done the research before running around like a mad woman on a mechabeast searching for the infamous Enigmo slug. It would have saved me a lot of aggravation and gasoline. In the end, I figured I better get creative on this front and make some Slugterra Valentine’s Day Cards. After all, Slugslingers need to say Happy Valentine’s Day to their fellow Cavern dwellers.



The Valentine’s Day cards feature Eli, his blaster, Burpy the Infurnus Slug, and Chiller the Frostcrawler slug. Each card has it’s own saying with “Happy Valentine’s Day!” at the bottom.
Card 1 – I Have an Eye For you Valentine.
Card 2 – Your Slugtastic!
Card 3 – Will you be my slug slinging Valentine?
Card 4 – Let’s Be Duel Partners

Each card measure a little smaller than 3.75 x 4.75 inches. They are easy to use, simply print them on card stock, cut out, write “to” and “from” on the back, and hand them out. If you want you can also include a small pack of crayons, which can be found in most party favor isles. The receiver then gets to color their card and have a little Slugterra fun.

To download this coloring page click the image below and save the PDF.
This coloring page is free to download, print and create. I do however, accept donations. Any amount helps keep the hobby alive and allows me to continue to bring my readers awesome printables and coloring pages.
If you donate $5 USD I will email you 5 printable SlugTerra Info cards! You must send me an email with how much you donated and What five slugs you wish to get from the list posted here: Slugterra Info Cards! Be sure to also check out my Slugterra Card game. Collect slugs and battle opponents in epic slug battles!

Amount you wish to Donate

To download this free coloring page click the image below and save the PDF to your computer.

Valentines day cards slugterra copy

Get my other Slugterra Coloring pages by clicking by clicking the image below. You can find Burpy (Infurnus), Frostcrawler, Enigmo and others!
Slugterra Coloring Pages SKGaleana

Turbo FAST Season 3 is now Available on Netflix

Turbo FAST Bobledding team

DreamWorks Animation is releasing Season 3 of Turbo FAST on Netflix Today, Friday, February 5th!! This series earned a Nomination for the 2016 Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement and Character Animation in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production! In Season 3, Turbo and the crew quit racing on the track when they become obsessed with a fantasy racing league, compete in a bobsled race against a Jamaican chicken team and let a reality show wreak havoc. The world’s funniest snails must contend with hard-partying toilet frogs, a gang of outlaw crickets, truck-robbing cargo bandits, a perfect poodle moth and so much more in this outrageous comedy!



This season viewers will see parodies, including spoofs on How to Train Your Dragon, Life of Pi, 127 Hours, Neighbors and more! The new season also features voice talent from Chris Hardwick as an “Internet Troll,” Ron Perlman as “Darryl,” Rachel Macfarlane as “Thora,” and Jessica Walter as “Aurelia.” We have these fun clips below to see what’s in store this season.

Wild Pete Clip

There’s a new sheriff in town, make that two. We’ve got ourselves a good ol’ fashioned showdown!

The Troll Clip

You can “troll” but you can’t hide. Turbo confronts a social media troll, voiced by Chris Hardwick.

Cat-apult Clip

Turbo and his new pet, Beakless, soar over Turbo Town in hopes to escape Skidmark’s feline flinger.

Ratchet & Clank are Becoming Movie Stars

ratchet clank poster

RATCHET & CLANK work to save the Solana Galaxy in their all new movie opening April 29, 2016! Based on the iconic PlayStation video game, these two unlikely heroes struggle to stop a vile alien named Chairman Drek from destroying every planet in the Solana Galaxy. Ratchet is the last of his kind, a foolhardy “lombax” who has grown up alone on a backwater planet with no family of his own. Clank is a pint-sized robot with more brains than brawn. When the two stumble upon a dangerous weapon capable of destroying entire planets, they must join forces with a team of colorful heroes called The Galactic Rangers in order to save the galaxy. Along the way, they will learn about heroism, friendship, and the importance of discovering one’s own identity.



Ratchet & Clank will have an amazing voice cast staring: Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, Bella Thorne, Rosario Dawson, Jim Ward, James Arnold Taylor, David Kaye, Armin Shimerman, and Sylvester Stallone! The movie is directed by Kevin Munroe and written by Kevin Munroe and Gerry Swallow.

Get ready for this all new release with these epic sneak peek videos staring Ratchet & Clank!

Hip Hop


Release Date: Nationwide from Gramercy Pictures on April 29, 2016

Social Media:
Official Ebsite

Look For The Light in The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave

Land Before Time-Journey of the Brave_on DVD Feb 2

I received a very special DVD in the mail called The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave, which is available today only at Walmart. Since I am a sucker for Dinosaur movies and the Land Before Time was one of my favorites when I was a kid, I had my family sit down with me and watch Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, Spike and friends (including Chomper) go on an epic journey.

Reba MacEntire as Etta in Land Before Time

I should say, that I expected this movie to be so-so. It is a movie for the little kids consisting of talking dinosaurs and life lessons. But parents, let me tell you, if you are not laughing in a few parts, it is time to search for your funny bone. Reba MacEntire really brings in the humor; my family was literally on the floor laughing. We had to pause the movie when Etta the Pteranodon (Reba’s Character) started giving advice because we were laughing so hard we couldn’t hear the movie. For example:

Just when things get darkest, that’s when you look for the light. Unless, of course, it’s too dark to find it.

Leave it to Reba to be both enlightening and depressing. Watch the movie for more of her hilarious quotes and listen to “Look for the Light” sung by Reba MacEntire.



It is a good thing Reba spices the movie up with some humor, because the start of Journey of the Brave is a little dull. It’s basically a summary of what happened in the past movies so that the audience can understand the Journey of the Brave. The narration is both a good move and a bad move. Honestly, I have a hard time remembering what happened in The Land Before Time 5 through 13, so the narration was helpful. But the narration is long winded and did make one person in my family a little fidgety. Long story short, Littlefoot finds his dad who is the leader of a migrating herd. His dad passes through the Great Valley once a year in his migration path where he gets to see Littlefoot for about two weeks before he continues his long journey. This is the time Littlefoot really looks forward too. Cut, print and moving on, you’re now ready to watch Journey of the Brave.

The story opens with new life and the excitement of Littlefoot’s dad arriving in the Great Valley. But when Littlefoot finds out that his father rescued the herd form the fire mountain and is now in danger himself, Littlefoot leaves The Great Valley on a journey to save his father. Cera, Petrie, Ducky and Spike join him on this dangerous crusade.

The Land Before Time Characters

I am impressed that each character has the same personalities I remember from the original Land Before Time. Littlefoot is still the smart one, Cera is the feisty one, Spike is the hungry one, Petrie is the scared one and Ducky is the curious one. There were a few nostalgic moments as I watched the five dinosaurs interact…good times. While their personalities are still as epic as ever, it was refreshing to see new dynamics in their character development. For example, in this movie, Littlefoot is actually the one that doesn’t listen to his friends and gets angry enough to leave them. His fear of losing his dad makes him momentarily forget that he needs his friends just as much as they need him. This is where the life lessons start pouring in.

Before I make a list of some of these life lessons, I should make it clear that we are ignoring the beginning. I am pretty sure that “leaving home without telling someone to go help your father from a burning lake of Lava” is not a life lesson. In fact, I will go as far as to say, “Kids, don’t try this at home.” If we skip the beginning, there are actually some great life lessons made within the film that are great for all kids, and even some adults. Such as:

  • Nobody should go it alone
  • look for the light – if it’s not too dark to find it
  • never give up
  • Help family and friends
  • Learn to Listen to others – this one is hard for not only kids but adults as well

These are just a few of the lessons that the audience can learn. I am sure there are plenty more within the movie. Challenge: See how many you can find.


Lessons aside, we really watch these movies for the Dinosaurs because Dinosaurs are cool. In Journey of the Brave we meet the Yutyrannus or the feather-head sharp tooth. With short arms like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, this feathery beast is just as terrifying. Actually, before watching this movie, I had no idea a Yutyrannus even existed…Score one for learning! And here is a fun fact, the Yutyrannus is “currently the largest known dinosaur specimen that preserve direct evidence of feathers” (wikipedia). Sneak that into the conversation while watching the movie and BAM, your kid is learning!

So to sum it all up, we have Life Lessons, Dinosaurs and Reba MacEntire all in one epic animated movie. It is fun for the whole family and a great edition to the Land Before Time Series. So I give it a 4 of 5 stars. It would have been 5 of 5 but that beginning was just too long. Do I recommend this movie….YES! All dinosaur loving, adventure seeking, looking for a laugh audience members will love this movie. At least, we all did in my family.

If you wish to own it, you can find The Land Before Time: journey of the Brave only at Walmart.
Be sure to grab the free Journey of the Brave printables featuring Chomper, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike by clicking the image below.


Disclosure: SKGaleana receives products in order to conduct reviews. Unless noted otherwise, no monetary compensation was provided. I only share and recommend products or services I think will be a good fit for my readers. All the opinions are 100% my own. In exchange for referrals, some posts may contain affiliate links that I may receive commission for payment. (See more here)

Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page of Birdadette

Of the three new Princess Palace Pets, I have created a Snowpaws Coloring page and a Stripes coloring page. Now it is time to finish off the list and share with you Birdadette.

Birdadette Princess Palace Pet SKGaleana image

Birdadette belongs to Princess Tiana. We don’t know much about her personality or where she comes from. I am not even sure what she loves to do or what her favorite activities are. For now, this elusive creature is a small mystery. (When I learn more I will Update this post).



While Birdadette’s personality eludes us at the moment, we do know what Birdadette looks like. This lovely pink bird has purple hair and purple tail feathers. She has Brown eyes and Pink Feather Tips. She wears a green bow and tiara with pink leaves to match the jewelry of Tiana. Check out the image above for a more detailed look at Birdadette.

This Printable coloring page is free to download, print and color. If you do download this printable please consider donating. It takes a lot of time to create these fun printables and every little bit allows me to continue to bring these fun printables to you.

Amount you wish to Donate

To download Birdadette:
1. Click the image below
2. Save the PDF to your computer
3. Print, color and enjoy

Princess Palace Pets Birdadette Coloring Page

You can download more free printable Disney Princess Palace Pets on my blog here:

Once the page has been colored, please share. I would love to see the art and share some of them on my facebook page.

The Land Before Time Free Printable Activities

Land Before Time-Journey of the Brave_on DVD Feb 2

Stomping back on the screen are the world’s most beloved dinosaurs in the new classic film from Universal 1440 Entertainment, The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave landing on Digital HD and exclusively on DVD at Walmart February 2nd! In this exciting and heartwarming adventure, young Apatosaurus Littlefoot and his four dinosaur pals, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike, embark on an ambitious quest to find Littlefoot’s missing dad, making new friends and learning valuable life lessons along the way. The new animated movie also features voices of Reba McEntire as Etta and Damon Wayans Jr. as Wild Arms.



In anticipation of this films Jurassic release, we have for you a fun Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave pack of activity sheets! Print these out and have tons of family fun featuring Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike.
The activity sheets include:

  • Littlefoot and Ducky coloring page
  • Spike Coloring Page
  • Chomper Coloring Page
  • Cera and Ducky Coloring Page
  • Petrie Coloring Page
  • Group coloring page
  • Maze
  • Connect the Dots
  • Word Search

Simply click the image below to download the activity sheets to begin the fun!

You can also watch the two special clips we have below featuring scenes from the new movie. Get the sneak peek and get excited for the all new Land Before Time movie!

Film Clip: Stinkweed

Film Clip: One Piece