Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page of Plumdrop

Another Palace Pet after my own heart, A Purple Kitten named Plumdrop. Adding purple to any palace pet makes them totally adorable…if you haven’t guessed, purple is my favorite color. I suppose that is why I love coloring pages, I can change the color of a princess palace pet to any color I wish, such as purple. Plumdrop, however, will not need a change, in my opinion her beautiful lavender fur and dark lavender face are perfect in all their purple shades of royalty. Mulan is one lucky owner to own a purple cat, especially one so cute. Learn more about Plumdrop below. Don’t forget to grab the free coloring page I created featuring Plumdrop the kitten.

Plumdrop Princess Palace Pet Coloring Page SKGaleana image

Plumdrop might not bring good fortune, but she’s definitely an amazing kitty!

Her bright colored hair reflects her joyful and happy disposition, and makes her look even more unique. She loves tickling Mulan with her long whiskers, and when she’s around everyone can’t help but smile.

Looks: Glittering
Loves: Rice Cakes, trying to find the best solutions, tickling Mulan

How Mulan found Plumdrop:
Mulan was feeling a bit down, so she visited Grandma Fa for a nice cup of tea. But the old woman surprised her with an unexpected gift: a beautiful kitty! She told Mulan that Plumdrop bought good fortune, but then the curious cat climbed in the table to take a look inside the teapot and bumped into the cups, spilling tea everywhere.

Oops! The little one stated licking the tea to clean up everything, but she didn’t like it, and Mulan couldn’t help but laugh. It certainly made her day! Since then, the teo have been inseparable. Plumdrop is still quite clumsy, but she’s always ready to do her best to make up for it.



Plumdrop is a lavender kitten with purple highlights on her face and paws. She has a bushy pink tail. She wears a large green bow on her tail, a flower necklace and a flowery pink and green tiara in her hair.

This Printable coloring page is free to download, print and color. If you do download this printable please consider donating. It takes a lot of time to create these fun printables and every little bit allows me to continue to bring these fun printables to you.

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To download Plumdrop:
1. Click the image below
2. Save the PDF to your computer
3. Print, color and enjoy

Plumdrop Princess Palace Pet Coloring Page by SKGaleana

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DIY Lightning McQueen & Mater Box Car Costumes

Lightning McQueen & Mater Box Car Costumes

Picture found on

Ka-chow! Have your little ones ever wanted to be the awesome Lightning McQueen Racecar? Or how about the funny and yet adorable Mater? Here is their chance! All it takes are a few crafts supplies, 60 minutes and the following instructions! So Rev your creative engines! Gather your trusty pit crew and make these Cars-inspired box car costumes. McQueen and Mater’s signature detailin will make your kids ready to have some serious fun.

This craft was found on Be sure to check out the website for even more fun crafts, printables and activities.



Before beginning this craft, make sure you have all the items ready to go. It makes the craft easier and completion a lot smoother (Trust me when I say I know this to be a fact). After everything is collected, begin following the instructions. If the kids are joining in crafting these cute cars, be sure that an adult does all the cutting and gluing (depending on age, you may also have to do the painting).

This will make a great Halloween costume, or the perfect costume to have fun around the house or backyard. Who knows, there may even be epic races around the park.

What You’ll Need:

  • 20” x 16” x 10” cardboard box
  • Painter’s plastic
  • Spray paint: glossy red and matte brown
  • Packaging tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • 8 9-inch diameter black paper plates
  • 8 small round stickers
  • 8 push pins
  • Small screwdriver
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper (white, light blue, cream, light green, yellow)
  • Black marker
  • Paper towel tube
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • How To Make It

    • Take your box and undo one of the sides so you can lay it flat, with all of the outside surfaces showing.
    • Lay down painter’s plastic that will cover the ground under the box with at least a foot of extra plastic on all sides.
    • Use the spray paint to cover the box with either bright, glossy red for Lightning McQueen or the matte brown for Mater. Let it dry.
    • Use the packaging tape (and some hot glue for extra hold if necessary) to reattach the side of the box you removed to make it three dimensional again.
    • Leaving the top flap out to become your car’s windshield, fold all of the flaps down into the box and tape them flat.
    • Take your black plate and place a round sticker in the center.
    • Use push pins to attach the paper plates to your car. (Add some hot glue to secure the plate to the cardboard if necessary.)
    • Take the small screwdriver and make a hole on either side of the windshield and either side of the back.
    • Make the straps. Thread ribbon through the hole going from inside the box to outside the box, tying off the end in a knot. Take it across to the other side and adjust the strap length. Then make a cut before tying off that end too.
    • Finally, decorate your car! For Lightning McQueen, cut out shapes with the construction paper to finish off the craft: light blue for eyes, white for the windshield, white for teeth, and yellow for lightning bolt racing stripe. Then, use the black marker to draw in the eyes and teeth.
    • For Mater, cut out a hook from the cardboard and grab a paper towel tube. Spray paint both with the matte brown spray paint. Use a hot glue gun to attach the painted paper towel tube to the back of the box. Then cut a piece of wire and attach one end to the end of the paper towel tube and the hook onto the other end. Next, cut out construction paper to finish off the craft: light green for eyes, cream for the windshield, and cream for teeth. Then use the black marker to draw in the eyes and teeth.

    Buy Cars and/or Cars 2 on DVD or Blu-ray from

    Avengers: Age of Ultron Bonus Clips and Q&A


    Marvel Studios unleashes today (September 8th) the next global phenomenon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron on Digital 3D, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere! Just in time for today’s early digital release, Disney announces significant partner and device additions to its cloud-based digital movie service, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA), with all new partners including Amazon Video and Microsoft Movies & TV who now join iTunes, Google Play and Vudu in the free Disney Movies Anywhere app – continuing to expand upon its promise to provide more ways to buy and watch your favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies at home or on the go!



    In honor of this epic release and new expansion of DMA, enjoy these epic bonus clips and these two fun Q&As from Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson as they tell you a little about the film and how they adapted to the characters they portray. You can also take a look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the bonus feature “Connecting the Universe” exclusively on DMA.

    Bonus Clip: The Gag Reel

    Bonus Clip: Car Stunt Featurette

    Bonus Clip: James Spader Crafted Ultron




    Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron..Thor (Chris Hemsworth)..Ph: Jay Maidment..?Marvel 2015

    Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron..Thor (Chris Hemsworth)..Ph: Jay Maidment..?Marvel 2015

        What’s new about your characters in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: In Age Of Ultron, we see a more grounded, earthly version of Thor than we have in the past. It is nice because there are a few more opportunities to showcase some humor and see him in some casual gear instead of the red cape and armor.

        How does it feel to portray a different version of the character compared to the Thor we’ve seen in previous movies?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: I wanted to get back to the fun he had in the first film. I wanted to make him a little more grounded. I wanted to humanize him a bit. It’s very easy for these characters to become un-relatable and exist off in the stratosphere – but this was about making him more human. You can see this in one of the first scenes where the rest of The Avengers are trying to pick up his hammer in casual clothes. You think, ‘What do these guys do when they’re not saving the world?’ Well, now you know. That was fun for me. Any time we got to do things like that and to play around, that was the best part for me.

        What’s Thor’s role in The Avengers in the new movie?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: He’s a central part of the team now and there’s certainly a unity that they’ve all formed now as a group. They are solid. Thor sees the bigger picture of the current conflict that’s going on. There’s the initial battle, which they’re all involved in, but Thor uses his Asgardian knowledge and starts to tap into some otherworldly possibilities and threats that he thinks are coming.

        What was it like to welcome new cast members to the superhero cast?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: Joking aside, they were awesome. It was cool to have new people on set. You almost get too comfortable when you know everyone’s rhythms – but then a few new people are thrown in the mix and it gets disrupted in the best way. That’s why I think people love this film even more so than the first one. I love the new additions.

        Ultron [played by James Spader] is another new character introduced in Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron. How would you describe the character?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: The character of Ultron was one of the first times on any film where I had really no idea what that character was going to look like and how that performance was going to be played out. But the first time I saw James [Spader] perform in character, it just all made sense. The writing is all very tricky in terms of his speech cadences and rhythms. He also has sarcasm and irony to him, yet is highly intelligent. It’s a beautiful mix.

        What was it like to have James Spader on the set?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: I remember the first time he came on set, too. He did this big monologue and when he was done we all applauded and forgot our lines because we were so captivated by what he was doing.

        How would you describe the look of Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: We’ve gone to far more locations than we’ve ever been to before and we’ve covered more ground than ever before, so aesthetically it’s going to be a mash-up of a whole lot of different deeper. We’ve seen all these characters evolve in the individual films, but to see them come together a second time is pretty exciting.

        The start of the movie sees the superheroes working together in The Avengers Tower. What was the set like for those scenes?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: The Avengers Tower was an incredible set. In fact, it was one of the most impressive sets I’ve ever been on. It’s Tony Stark’s house, so it had to be big, high-tech and flashy – and it was. It was also the first set that the entire group shot on together, so it was nice to be in that kind of setting to shoot the party scene there and all of us be together and catch up.

        Who were your favorite superheroes when you were growing up?
        CHRIS HEMSWORTH: Superman was probably the only film like that I had seen when I was growing up. It’s the one that sticks out for me. Iron Man hadn’t been created yet, or Captain America, or Hulk, or Black Widow, or Vision.


    Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron..Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)..Ph: Jay Maidment..Marvel 2015

    Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron..Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)..Ph: Jay Maidment..Marvel 2015

        How would you describe The Avengers at the beginning of Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron? And how has the world changed since the first movie?
        Scarlett Johansson: It really is business as usual at the beginning of the film, but the world is aware of the universe in a way that they weren’t in The Avengers. The common man knows the vocabulary of aliens and space travel. Before the battle in New York, The Avengers had a stealthy approach and S.H.I.E.L.D. certainly had that as well – but now we’re being judged in a different way. Everybody is watching us, so it’s a different playing field.

        What personal challenges do The Avengers face in the movie?
        Scarlett Johansson: Every one of The Avengers has come to the table with a lot of baggage. None of us chose this job; the job chose us – and their reluctance to wear the superhero hat makes for very interesting backstories. We all have our histories, which we get to explore a little bit, and I think the audience is going to absolutely love it. It makes the audience that more invested in our interpersonal relationships and also the future of these characters, which is pretty cool.

        How would you describe the romantic relationship that develops between Black Widow and Bruce Banner in the movie?
        Scarlett Johansson: These characters have what I always thought was an unlikely love story that grows between them – but it’s actually rooted in a very likely love story because they have a lot in common. It’s a very complicated relationship. It’s an impossible love that seems unlikely but isn’t.

        How does Black Widow tame The Hulk?
        SCARLETT JOHANSSON: How does Natasha tame the beast? That’s a very good question. It’s interesting that she does it with a human touch. I would imagine your every instinct is telling you not to touch The Hulk. He’s not the person you grab and give a bear hug to. And yet, somehow, he’s a raging person that needs a tender bear hug. He needs someone to remind him that he’s grounded and he has someone with him. He needs someone to be present to tell him to come back to himself. She develops a therapeutic thing with the Hulk, and I think that probably comes from her own maternal instinct.

        How does it feel to play a female superhero in a male dominated world, Scarlett?
        SCARLETT JOHANSSON: I just go through the script and look at my parts – and those are the only parts I read. What’s great about playing this character is that she is based on something deep and something I could hold onto. She’s very real. She’s experienced a lot of trauma and she’s never really been able to make active choices for herself – but now she is and she’s ready for it.

        You were pregnant when you shot the movie. How did you prepare for the physical role and the challenging motorcycle scenes?
        SCARLETT JOHANSSON: I don’t think you’re allowed to ride a motorcycle when you’re pregnant. I embarrassingly rode some sort of mechanical bull-type of motorcycle, which goes nowhere and doesn’t look cool at all! But we had some very professional and amazing motocross work being done that makes Black Widow look like a total badass.

        How much do you enjoy the physical aspect of the role?
        SCARLETT JOHANSSON: I’m very fortunate that there’s a team around me that is super-supportive in helping all of Widow’s fight moves and badass motorcycle riding. It takes a lot of choreography and team spirit. Every film is exciting because I get new tools and cool new things to do. Luckily, [director] Joss [Whedon] writes me some badass moves that make me look epic. It’s awesome.

        How would you sum up Black Widow’s journey in the movie?
        SCARLETT JOHANSSON: At the beginning of Avengers 2, there’s some sense of The Avengers being a well-oiled machine. Finally, the introductions are over and we’re at work, we’re digging our heels in. At the end of Avengers 2, I think Widow has let her guard down and she is hopeful for something. I think she had this moment of false hope where she felt like she put in the work and there should be some kind of personal payoff – and she was ready to accept it. Then she realizes that her calling is a greater one and that’s not necessarily something that she’s thrilled about, but that’s what is most heroic about her. She accepts the call of duty, even at her own personal loss. I think it’s an interesting place to leave her, because there are many different directions to go. Is she going to be able to withstand this huge weight that’s bearing down on her or is she going to crack under it and crumble? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, right?

        Would you like to see a solo Black Widow movie to tie up these loose ends?
        A Black Widow movie will be cool. Sure. I’m always excited to get that cat suit on!


    “Epic in every sense of the word” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone




    Includes Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes, Making-of Featurettes, Gag Reel and Audio Commentary

    Marvel Studios reunites Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the unprecedented movie event, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Iconic heroes are forced to reassemble and face their most intimidating enemy yet – ULTRON. Pushed to the brink of their physical and emotional limits, the team must recruit both new heroes and familiar allies to face an escalating danger that threatens the entire planet.

    SYNOPSIS: Marvel Studios unleashes the next global phenomenon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Good intentions wreak havoc when Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) unwittingly creates Ultron (James Spader), a terrifying A.I. monster who vows to achieve “world peace” via mass extinction. Now, Iron Man, Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)—alongside Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) —must reassemble to defeat Ultron and save mankind… if they can! This action-packed adventure is a must-own, mind-blowing blast!

    CAST: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel’s The Avengers, Marvel’s Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth as Thor (Marvel’s Thor, Marvel’s The Avengers), Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk (Marvel’s The Avengers, Shutter Island), Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America (Marvel’s The Avengers, Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger), Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Lost in Translation, Marvel’s The Avengers),
    Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye (The Hurt Locker, Marvel’s The Avengers), James Spader as Ultron (TV’s The Blacklist, Lincoln), Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained) as Nick Fury

    PRODUCER: Kevin Feige, p.g.a. (Marvel’s The Avengers, Marvel’s Iron Man)

    WRITER / DIRECTOR: Joss Whedon (Marvel’s The Avengers, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

    COMPOSERS: Danny Elfman (TV’s The Simpsons, Corpse Bride), Brian Tyler (Marvel’s Iron Man 3, Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World)

    BONUS: Digital HD*, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA), 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray

    • Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes
    • Making-of Featurettes
    • Gag Reel
    • Audio Commentary

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    New Star Wars Pop! Bobble-Head Figures for The Force Awakens

    funko pop star wars episode 7

    There are new Funko Pop! Star Wars Figures out now for all the crazy fans, which includes myself. They are for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and feature some of the most iconic characters. They stand 3.75 inches tall and come on a decorative Star Wars stand! BB-8, Kylo Ren, and Captain Phasma are only a few of the epic figures to bobble their way into every Star Wars heart.

    These figures are adorable! They are little perfect pieces of toy heaven..I mean they are tiny pieces of art…yeah art. OK, I can’t keep a straight face. Seriously, who am I kidding? Truthfully, I buy toys, adorable little Star Wars toys that fit perfectly on a desk, dashboard, or shelf. I am a kid at heart and I will always enjoy the fun things in life, especially when it’s little head bobbles to any movement.

    However, if you need a “grown up” reason to buy these adorable figures, you can say they make excellent earthquake detectors. Keep one on a shelf in your home or office as a means to detect the shaking of the earth. When the head bobbles, you are in the middle of an earthquake, when the head is still, all is well. Your coworkers or family member will thank you.



    If you weren’t able to grab them during Force Friday, head over to and grab yours today. Or simply click the image to go right to the POP! figure you want. How many like me will be grabbing the BB-8 droid?

    First Order Flametrooper

    A trained warrior desperate to escape his past, Finn is plunged into adventure as his conscience drives him down a heroic, but dangerous, path

    Faithful First Mate and co-pilot Chewbacca has loyally stood by his captain’s side through the twisting fortunes of a galaxy in turmoil

    Specialized Stormtroopers of the First Order, Flametroopers carry incendiary weapons that can transform any battlefield into an infernal blaze
    Poe Dameron
    Kylo Ren

    Rey is a resilient survivor, a scavenger toughened by a lifetime or dealing with the cutthroats of the harsh desert world of Jakku

    The greatest X-Wing pilot in the galaxy is ready for battle

    A dark warrior strong with the Force, Kylo Ren commands First Order missions with a temper as fiery as his unconventional lightsaber
    First Order Stormtrooper Amazon Exclusive
    First Order Snowtrooper
    Captain Phasma

    Amazon Exclusive Heavy Artillery First Order Stormtrooper

    The latest generation of cold weather assault Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers wear advanced insulated armor and helmets that reduce the glare of icy terrain

    Clad in distinctive metallic armor, Captain Phasma commands the First Order’s legion of troopers

    A fastidious and worry prone protocol droid, C-3PO longs for more peaceful times, but his continued service to Princess Leia keeps him in the frontlines of galactic conflic

    The cutest droid in the galaxy is ready to make its debut

    May the force be with you!

    Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page of Thistleblossom

    Disney Princess Palace Pets has released another new palace pet! This time they have separated from the horses, dogs, and cat to bring the fan base a whole new animal, a hedgehog named Thistleblossom. I find her absolutely adorable; I love her blue quills because they look like spiky hair that has been colored for flare. Not to mention Thistleblossom and I have the same love for Snow; winter is my favorite season as well. Learn more about Thistleblossom and grab the free coloring page I have created below.

    Thistleblossom Princess Palace Pet Coloring Page SKGaleana image

    Thistleblossom’s prickly appearance hides a smart and sweet disposition. She loves winter and snow, and has always wished she could enjoy the beauty of the cold season. Her favorite pastimes? Playing with the crunchy leaves in fall, and rolling down the hills like a little ball in spring and summer.

    Looks: Sassy
    Loves: Snow, Crunchy leaves and rolling down hills

    How Snow White found Thistleblossom:
    The cold season had just started, and Snow White was coming back from the forest when she found a little hedgehog outside the castle who had just begun her winter sleep. The princess took her inside, but the warmth of the room immediately woke Thistleblossom up. At that moment, snowflakes started falling from the sky and she rushed to the window to look at them, amazed.

    She had always tried not to hibernate so she could see the snow, and now her dream had come true! The Princess made a nice nest where she could sleep and dream about spring and the new games they would play together.



    Thistleblossom is a light blue hedgehog sporting Blue quills and Brown eyes. She wears Jewelry and bows that match Snow White’s color scheme: A red bow in her quills, a yellow bow on her tail and a red gem on her collar.

    This Printable coloring page is free to download, print and color. If you do download this printable please consider donating. It takes a lot of time to create these fun printables and every little bit allows me to continue to bring these fun printables to you.

    Amount you wish to Donate

    To download Thistleblossom:
    1. Click the image below
    2. Save the PDF to your computer
    3. Print, color and enjoy

    Thistleblossom Princess Palace Pet Coloring Page by SKGaleana

    You can download more free printable Disney Princess Palace Pets on my blog here:

    Once the page has been colored, please share. I would love to see the art and share some of them on my facebook page.

    Mickey’s Spooktacular Monster Musical Adventure

    MMCH Mickeys Monster Musical

    Have the kids put on their favorite Halloween costume and join Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto on a spooktacular adventure with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Monster Musical coming to DVD September 8th. They will enjoy all the Mickey Mouse characters in Halloween attire as they discover a spooky castle owned by Mickey’s could-be-twin Count Mickula and his friends Monster Goofy, Doctor Van-Frankenstein, and the ghosts of Donald and Daisy. Goofy is and will always be one of my favorites, even if he is a monster.

    Monster Musical Goofy Monster

    In this full-length adventure, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto offer to help Count Mickula solve a scary riddle: Who, or what, is making a curious clanging, banging noise? Like many Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes, Monster Musical engages the young audience with educational entertainment by having them use their young minds to help solve problems during their spooky mystery adventure such as counting down from 10 to 1, figuring out what Mouseketools can repair an organ, and what tool could unlock a heavy metal door. In this case Count Mickula uses Monster Mouseketools featuring a large monster Straw, A monster glow worm, a skeleton key, and a mystery Mouseketools. It is pretty cute to watch what each tool is used for. Let’s just say that a monster straw is not used for drinking a smoothie.

    Monster Musical Mousekatools 1



    Just as the title states, Monster Musical is full of cute songs that the young ones will totally love to sing and dance to. I think the Monster Boogie is the best song in the episode..Just try and stop them from getting up and performing the dance. In fact, you will find yourself dancing to the song as well as you laugh and play while doing the Monster Boogie. All the stomping around certainly made me smile.

    Monster Musical Monster Boogie

    Once all the dancing and music is finished in Monster Musical, the kids can continue the adventures by watching two other fun-filled episodes featuring a search for pirate treasure with Captain Mickey and delightful fun down on the farm.

    • Mickey’s Pirate Adventure, Part 1 &2
    • Mickey’s Farm Fun Fair

    This special Halloween DVD also comes with an exclusive Mickey Mouse Club House Monster Musical trick-or-treat tote bag featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy in Halloween costumes. The bag is 7 inches in length, 3 inches wide and 9.25 inches tall, the perfect size for a little one to carry and collect candy with on Halloween. It can also make a great bag to store little toys and goodies. For a free item, it is pretty durable and has great colors.

    Monster Musical Tote Bag frontMonster Musical Tote Bag Back

    Grab a copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Monster Musical on DVD from and begin the mysterious adventure!


    Disclosure: SKGaleana receives products in order to conduct reviews. Unless noted otherwise, no monetary compensation was provided. I only share and recommend products or services I think will be a good fit for my readers. All the opinions are 100% my own. In exchange for referrals, some posts may contain affiliate links that I may receive commission for payment. (See more here)

    Unleash the Lighter Side of the Force With Legos


    In celebration of Force Friday we have these fun clips from Lego® Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles as it arrives on DVD September 15th! Unleash the lighter side of the Force with this action packed release that comes with four complete episodes, plus a bonus alternate ending.

    Clip: Let’s Get Outta Here



    Coming to DVD on September 15, 2015

    Synopsis: Your favorite Star Wars heroes are back with four complete episodes (plus a bonus alternate ending!) that unleash the lighter side of the Force.

    After headstrong Luke nearly delivers the good guys into Palpatine’s clutches, Master Yoda and the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi unearth the Holocrons – last remnants of the secrets of the Jedi – to further Luke’s training. But Darth Vader also seeks the Holocrons, and he’ll stop at nothing to get to them first! Meanwhile, courageous superclone Jek-14, a Force-sensitive clone, comes out of retirement to help bolster the Rebels. Share all the action-packed thrills of these interlocking, intergalactic adventures in LEGO® STAR WARS: The New Yoda Chronicles!

    Voice Cast: Eric Bauza (Spongebob Movie, Ben 10: Omniverse, Batman: Assault on Arkham) as Luke Skywalker/Porkins Pilot; Michael Daingerfield (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Catwoman) as Han Solo/Admiral Ozzel/Biggs Pilot; Anthony Daniels (Star Wars Franchise) as C-3PO; Trevor Devall (Kid vs. Kat, Johnny Test) as Emperor Palpatine/Admiral Piett/Admiral Ackbar.

    Executive Producers: Erik Wilstrup, Torsten Jacobsen, Michael Price


    • Escape From The Jedi Temple
    • Race For The Holocrons
    • Raid on Coruscant
    • Clash of the Skywalkers

    Bonus Features: Alternate Ending: Clash of the Skywalkers – In this alternate version, will Luke win against the Sith Lord or will Vader be victorious?

    Buy the DVD from to begin the Lego Star Wars Adventure!

    Free Cubeecraft Paper Craft of Agnes from Despicable Me

    Agnes is the youngest of the three girls adopted by Gru. She is full of energy, love and has a massive thing for unicorns. Her most famous quote, “It’s so FLUFFY!” is all about her love for the little mythical beasts. Agnes is very innocent but she is apparently scary to some animals. Gru’ very scared of her and actually tries to run away.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Agnes is very accepting and trusting. She loved Gru from the moment she saw him, hugging his legs and refusing to let go. Like many kids her age, Agnes is curious, loves candy and touches things she probably shouldn’t. She can also be rather demanding to the point where she will hold her breath and pass out until she gets what she wants, especially when it comes to disintegrated unicorns. She is full of love and shares it with all her minion friends, her sisters and her dad Gru.

    Agnes is such a cute character, I had to make her into a cubeecraft like her sisters, Margo and Edith. This [a[er craft features Agnes from Despicable Me. She is wearing her iconic yellow stripe shirt, overalls and white shoes with her cute upper ponytail. This cubeecraft is free to download but I do take donations. Cubeecrafts take a while to make and any amount will help keep the hobby alive.

    To Build the Cubeecraft:
    Materials needed:
    Card stock
    x-acto knife

    To make:

    1. Cut out each item along the outer black lines.
    2. Cut along the white on each tab and the top slot on top of the head using the x-acto knife
    3. Cut along each red line using the x-acto knife
    4. Fold along each inner solid black line and slide each tab into the slots you created with an x-acto knife to form a cube of the head, body, arms, and feet
    5. Slide the arms through the red slots on either side of the body.
    6. Slide the feet through the red slots at the base of the body.
    7. Slide the now completed body through the red lots of the head.
    8. Slide the hair piece into the slot on the head

    She is done. To download this cubeecraft click the links below and save them to your computer. Then print and create!

    Free Coloring Page and Wallpaper Featuring Hypnogrif from Slugterra

    The Hypnogrif is a Yellow slug with a blue belly. Be warned, you may not remember encountering this slug for a while. His attacks affect the mind and emotional state. He can make you feel good or really angry. He can warp your vision or make you forget you ever saw him. His attacks are also difficult to counter. My suggestion, don’t get hit by a Hypnogrif.

    Hypnogrif coloring Page from Slugterra SKGaleana image

    Check out the specs below for more details on the Hypnogrif and it’s attacks.

    Hypnogrif specs from
    Hypnogrif: Species #031
    A Famous Slug of this species: Dazer
    Preferred Habitat: Wetlands and Swamps
    Power Type: Trance Slug
    Element: Psychic
    Rarity: Ultra Rare
    Protoform Abilities: Can make you feel safe and happy
    Attacks: 4

      Vertigoadr: Hits opponent, overwhelming them with vertigo and warped perspective – difficult to see or shoot
      Psi-kick: Hits opponent, giving them short term memory loss – they forget why they’re fighting
      Hypnopotomous: Mind controls opponent – makes them feel happy, content and oblivious- even to harm
      Berzerker: Produces uncontrollable anger/distraction in opponent – causing them to turn on their gang or slugs

    Hypnogrif transformation at 100 mph:

    To download this coloring page click the image below and save the PDF.
    This coloring page is free to download, print and create. I do however, accept donations. Any amount helps keep the hobby alive and allows me to continue to bring my readers awesome printables and coloring pages.
    If you donate $5 USD I will email you 5 printable SlugTerra Info cards! You must send me an email with how much you donated and What five slugs you wish to get from the list posted here: Slugterra Info Cards! Be sure to also check out my Slugterra Card game. Collect slugs and battle opponents in epic slug battles!

    Amount you wish to Donate

    To download this free coloring page click the image below and save the PDF to your computer.
    Hypnogrif coloring Page from Slugterra SKGaleana

    I have also included this free Wallpaper found on Simply click on the image and save the jpeg.

    If you print and color this Slug, take a Picture or scan it. I would love to share your art on my facebook page!
    If you have a specific Slug you would like to see made into a coloring page, let me know in the comments below, it may be the next one I create 😀

    Get my other Slugterra Coloring pages by clicking here
    You can find Burpy (Infurnus) and the others!

    Doc McStuffin’s new job is Purrrr-fect!

    Teach your young ones about care and responsibility in the new Doc McStuffins Pet Vet releasing on DVD November 3rd! Doc McStuffins opens a new veterinary practice in her backyard clinic where she treats stuffed animals and toys. Join Doc as she fixes Findo so he can fetch again, untangles Farmer Mack’s adorable baby goats, adopts a furry friend and much more!


    The DVD is packed with nearly two hours of song-filled fun, which includes 5 pet themed episodes of the Peabody Award-winning animated series each highlighting lessons about care and responsibility for pets. DOC MCSTUFFINS: PET VET is a purrr-fect way to help little ones discover the joy of keeping their pet friends happy and healthy!
    The 5 episodes included are:

    • “Fetchin Findo/Twin Tweaks”
    • “Three Goats A Cuddlin’/Swimmer’s Belly”
    • “A Dragon’s Best Friend”
    • “Stuffy & Squibbles/Queen Of Thrones”
    • “Take Your Pet To The Vet/Master And Commander”

    As an added Bonus the Doc McStuffins Pet Vet DVD includes an Exclusive Pet Vet Collar inside!



    DVD notes:
    Cast: Kiara Muhammad and Laya DeLeon Hayes as Doc McStuffins; Loretta Devine as Hallie; Lara Jill Miller as Lambie; Robbie Rist as Stuffy; Jess Harnell as Chilly; Jaden Betts as Donny McStuffins; Kimberly Brooks as Mom McStuffins; Gary Anthony Williams as Dad McStuffins.
    Creator/Executive Producer: Chris Nee
    Release Date: November 3, 2015 (Direct Prebook: 9/8; Distributor Prebook: 9/22)
    Release Format: DVD
    Ratings: TV-Y
    Feature Run Time: 120 minutes
    Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16×9 Televisions)
    Audio: 2.0 Dolby Digital
    Languages: English, French & Spanish
    Subtitles: English SDH, French & Spanish

    In anticipation of the Doc McStuffins Pet Vet on DVD, Disney Junior has released several free Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Printables! Simply click the image below and save the printable to your computer! Be sure to check out all the other Doc McStuffin printables on the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Activity Site!

    Pet Vet Check Up
    Pet Vet Mix and Match
    Pet Vet poster
    Pet Vet Song
    Pet Vet Stethoscope
    Pet Vet Certificate