Captain Marvel Printable Paper Glider Airplane

Exciting news! The wait is almost over as we glide into Captain Marvel’s launch week! Captain Marvel will be on Blu-ray™, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD™ tomorrow June 11! Which means, soon all of us fans will be able to take home a copy of Goose…I mean Captain Marvel and her awesome heroic deeds. I would never watch a movie just to watch the galaxy’s most awesome cat…cough

Fury and Goose


In anticipation of Captain Marvel’s release and to revel in the excitement, we have a Captain Marvel Printable Paper Glider Airplane that will take us fans Higher, Further, and Faster. The glider features Captain Marvel’s (Carol Danvers’) uniform. To get a copy of this paper glider airplane simply click the image below and download the PDF to your computer. Then it is just print , create and fly! (Instructions are included in the PDF)

For more information on Captain Marvel and for some fun printables featuring awesome stereograms, check out my blog post here: Captain Marvel Will Be Available Soon!

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