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Dec 03 2015

13 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Struggling to find that perfect Christmas Gift? You and many others are in the same confined stocking. Everything is so commercialized and mass produced that nothing feels really special anymore. Not to mention that the bank accounts are often so low that buying a gift is more overwhelming than fun. You could carry on the …

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Nov 23 2015

Three Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Crafts

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you ready? I should probably admit to myself that I’m not ready but then the panic of the holidays will set in. I think, for now, I will continue to live in a delusion and skip down the yellow brick road of procrastination. It will all kick in Nov. 25th …

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Sep 10 2015

DIY Lightning McQueen & Mater Box Car Costumes

Ka-chow! Have your little ones ever wanted to be the awesome Lightning McQueen Racecar? Or how about the funny and yet adorable Mater? Here is their chance! All it takes are a few crafts supplies, 60 minutes and the following instructions! So Rev your creative engines! Gather your trusty pit crew and make these Cars-inspired …

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Jul 06 2015

16 Crafts, Activities & Printables for Shark Week!

I absolutely get excited every year for Shark Week. It is thrilling to watch the videos of all the sharks, learn facts about some of the coolest underwater creatures, and of course, sneak in some great Shark films like Jaws and Sharknado! This year Shark Week starts Sunday July 5th and I just can’t wait! …

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Jun 25 2015

Shark Week Craft: Paper Plate Shark Jaws

Starting July 5, Shark Week takes a big bite out of summer with the ultimate shark movies, programs and TV shows. Originally, Shark Week started on the Discovery Channel featuring facts and information about sharks, but other channels have jumped on the Shark Week Bandwagon, airing their own notorious Shark Movies. Scifi often jumps on …

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May 15 2015

Grow Your Own Celery From a Store Bought Stalk

As a City Girl who has just recently moved to the sticks, I have been learning a lot about living off the land and making items by hand. I think the most drastic change in my life is probably my take in gardening. I used to purchased what I needed from a store, tossed what …

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Apr 15 2015

Oh Character Puppet Craft from Dreamworks Home

Celebrate the release of Dreamworks Home by making your very own “Oh” Puppet using the directions provided by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft online store and the template they provide. With their directions and list of tools and supplies, this crafts should be as easy as saving the world from an invading race of aliens/ To …

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Dec 19 2014

Chuggington: Snow Rescue Fun Train Craft!

Need an activity to help beat the long cold nights? This craft may just be the thing! With a few Toilet paper rolls, paint and some lids, your kids could be creating their very own train in no time! Then Watch Chuggington Snow Rescue and watch the kids interact with the show using their own …

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May 16 2014

Dare to be Square and Build Your Own Boxtroll!

In anticipation of Focus Features and LAIKA’s new family-friendly stop-motion animated film THE BOXTROLLS, get creative and build your very own Boxtroll at One grand prize winner’s Boxtroll will be brought to life as a real puppet by LAIKA artists, and other Box-tastic prizes are available! THE BOXTROLLS releases in theaters on September 26! …

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Oct 16 2012

A Simple Yet Adorable Halloween Wreath

I really wanted a Halloween Wreath this year and I had searched everywhere to find one that would match my decor. unfortunately I had no such luck. While skulls and spiders may top off some parties, I needed something Purple and cute. It became obvious that I was gonna have to make one. And you, …

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