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Swat Kats, The Swan Princess and more

Cubeecraft of Odette from The Swan Princess

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Year. Mine was so busy that I lost track of time. But don’t worry more cubeecrafts are to come in the new year. 2013 will be awesome. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To start off the new year, how about paying respect to one of my favorite Princess movies, …

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Cubeecraft of Callie Briggs from the Swat Kats The Radical Squadron

Callie Briggs is the most needy character in the Swat Kats if you don’t count Feral and his constant need for chopper backup. T-Bone is also very attracted to her, and will leave his favorite TV show just to help her. Her ears had to be 3D (like those of T-Bone and Razor) just to …

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Cubeecraft of Razor From the TV Series Swat Kats The Radical Squadron

“Affirmative!” The Brains of the pair is finally here! Where would T-Bone be without Razor? Razor, a mechanic, an inventor and best friend to T-Bone. His awesome missiles often hit their target and usually are created just in time to take down the new threat. Like the T-bone Cubeecraft, Razor is a little more difficult …

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Cubeecraft of T-Bone From the TV Series Swat Kats The Radical Squadron

“BINGO!” One of my favorite cartoon characters would have to be T-Bone from the cartoon series Swat Kats. I mean who doesn’t like a funny, loyal pilot who trys to save the city even after being screwed by Feral? I found this cubeecraft a little more difficult than most. I had to watch the entire …

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