Celebrate Halloween with These Printable Masks from The Croods!

The Croods: A New Age, or what I like to call Croods 2, will be coming out this Thanksgiving! I am very excited for this sequel, we have been waiting 7 long years for this. For more information, pictures, and to see the fun trailer check out my blog here.



While we wait for the epic release, we can celebrate all things The Croods with some fun printable masks! These masks, supplied by Dreamworks, will be perfect for the most epic Halloween costumes. The PDF contains 3 masks featuring:

  • Chunky the Death Cat
  • Belt
  • Punch Monkey

Chunky Costume

With a species name like Macawnivore, Chunky has to be part parrot, so I recommend bright color clothes’ to match the mask. The ideal top would be a shirt that is yellow in the front and a teal or blue in the back, but that may be rather hard to find. So, I suggest a yellow shirt and a blue jacket (This will also help keep the costumer warm). To finish off the costume wear blue pants, white shoes, and create a fun tail out of your favorite material.

Belt Costume

Belt is an easy costume to make. Print the mask, wear brown pants, and a brown shirt. TADA! Just don’t try to help keep peoples pants up.

Punch Monkey

The Punch Monkey costume will be similar to the Chunky costume. Get a white shirt, gray jacket, gray pants, and gray shoes. Make a gray, white, and orange stripped tail out of your favorite materials and attach it to the pants. If you want to add the yellow/orange to the shoulders, add a scarf. This will help keep the costumer warm and it adds a bit more color.

To get the masks: Simply click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. The print and follow the instructions to create. From there add some perfect clothes to match the colors and begin the Halloween madness.

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