Celebrate the Diamond Edition Release of Disney’s ALADDIN

Aladdin release dates

Exciting news! Aladdin will be coming to Digital HD September 29th and Blu-Ray October 13th!

In celebration of the upcoming “ALADDIN: DIAMOND EDITION” release, Scott Weinger, the voice of Aladdin, hosted a special screening of the film at the Walt Disney Studios lot. Check out the pictures in the slideshow below!

After looking at all the fun photos it occurred to me that since the celebrities are celebrating the new Aladdin release, we should as well! To celebrate we need printables! So in anticipations of the Aladdin release, here are a few printables I found across the web and from the Official Disney Aladdin Website. These will certainly get the party started!

Below are several free printables featuring Aladdin, Genie, Jasmine, Abu and more! Print these out for your own fun event party! Display the paper dolls, print the coloring pages for fun contests or prizes, Play the Memory Game, makes some pinwheels, and have fun with several fun activities. The activities consist of a wordsearch, a maze, connect the dots, finding the match and more. These are all free to download! Simply click the images below and save the PDF to your computer! Then print and create for hours of family fun!

Don’t forget to check out Disney Aladdin Website for even more fun and information!

Aladdin Printables
2009 Picture Frame
2010 Picture Frame
Bookmarks from Aladdin Website
Aladdin Castle
Aladdin Playset
Coloring Page: Magic Carpet Ride from Aladdin Website
Coloring Page: Do you Trust me from Aladdin Website
Coloring Page: Genie from Aladdin Website
Coloring Page: Jasmine from Aladdin Website


Coloring Page: City from Aladdin Website
Coloring Page: Sultan from Aladdin Website
Connect the Dots from Aladdin Website
Count the apples
Genie Pinwheel
Aladdin Pinwheel
Genie Puppet
Aladdin Puppet
Jasmine Puppet
Jafar Puppet
How to Draw Aladdin from Aladdin Website
How to Draw Jasmine from Aladdin Website
Memory Game
How to Draw Jafar from Aladdin Website
How to draw Abu from Aladdin Website
Match Jasmine from Aladdin Website
Match Jafar from Aladdin Website
Match Headband from Aladdin Website
Jasmine Paper craft
Jasmine Paper Doll from Aladdin Website
Aladdin Paper Doll from Aladdin Website
Aladdin Maze from Aladdin Website
Aladdin Stickers
Aladdin Wordsearch from Aladdin Website

Grab a copy of Disney Aladdin on Blu-ray or Digital HD from Amazon.com and begin the magical journey!

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