Chuggington: Snow Rescue Fun Train Craft!

Need an activity to help beat the long cold nights? This craft may just be the thing! With a few Toilet paper rolls, paint and some lids, your kids could be creating their very own train in no time! Then Watch Chuggington Snow Rescue and watch the kids interact with the show using their own train.

The “How To” is free to download. Simply click the image below and save the jPeg to your computer. Then it is just a matter of collecting the materials and making the train! Choo Choo!

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Chuggington Train Activity:
Materials needed:
~6 toilet paper roll tubes
~1 Skinny Cardboard Tube (the center of a roll of foil)
~20 lids (Milk, vitamin water, gatorade lids)
~craft paint
~Foam brushes
~Hole Punch
~Hot Glue Gun

1. Paint your cardboard tubes various bright colors. Cut C-shapes out of one of the tubes to vreate both the top of the engine and the caboose. Paint those accordingly. Also cut a C-Shape out of the skinny cardboard tube and paint it the same color as the engines. The C-Shape tubes will arch nicely around the toilet paper roll.
2. Once Dry, hot glue four plastic lids on each cardboard tube as the wheels of the train
Punch small holes into the four “corners” of each tube. These are your attachment points for the yarn. Cut the yarn to length.
3. Weave the thread through the tube and another tube to attach two tubes together. Tie a knot. Continue the process until all of the cars of the train are connected

And you are done!

Find Chuggington: Snow Rescue Activitis, printables, recipes and more on my blog here: Chuggington: Snow Rescue

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