Cubeecraft of Fakir from the Anime Series Princess TuTu

Recently, in a moment of absolute boredom, I decided to watch an Anime Series known as Princess TuTu on Netflix. It was such a wonderful (sort of creepy) story. The music, art and story line fit perfectly together. Needless to say, I fell in love and decided some of the characters needed to be cubeecrafts that I could display. 😀



Fakir is the first one I completed.

Part 1
Part 2

Use the two links above to download the templates to the cubeecraft. You will need both parts to make this cubeecraft.

To place the hair on the face:
There are two red lines that must be cut on the left and right of the face. The two tabs on the hair need to be inserted into these holes to attach the hair to the face.

The legs of this cubeecraft are a bit longer than a normal cubeecraft, but I made the decision to expand them so that it will resemble the characters a bit more (they have very long legs in the TV series).

Enjoy this cubeecraft. Take pictures of the completed papertoy and share them on my Facebook Page. 😀

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