Cute Queen-for-a-Day Mother’s Day Cupcakes

I am always looking for something unique and special to make for my mom. While I could pick up something from the local store, I just can’t get past the idea that everything is so mass produced, which just doesn’t feel that special. So that leaves me with no other choice but to get creative. Ideas are always helpful so I tend to scour the internet looking for that one little light bulb. It’s like my own special treasure hunt for that perfect gift or decoration.

I have been struggling with finding her something adorable, something she really hasn’t seen before. I wanted her to feel like a Queen on her special day, pampered and relaxed. So looking for something in the realm of royalty, my search led me to Disney Princesses and crowns. Talk about something PERFECT. I found the cutest, royally awesome, cupcakes!


My first concern was “Can I make these?” I mean I have tried cute food art in the past only to end up with my food looking like a Tornado rushed through my kitchen, grabbing all of my supplies, and twirling them into a glob of indistinguishable goo. I am sure we have all seen those failed memes where they show a beautiful picture of food art and then the attempt


mine are ten times worse.

Of course my determined brain told me I could do this. My more logical side just laughed. However, with so few ingredients, I decided, why not try. Turns out, it is not so difficult.

The instructions provided on take you through it step by step, which is nice. The instructions are shared below with a few tips from myself in blue. I would definitely read those tips.

The required items are simple to come by and take no time to collect (unless you are making your cupcakes from scratch).

Items needed:
~Pink-frosted mini cupcakes You can either make these from scratch or purchase plain cupcakes from a store with any color frosting you want. I made chocolate cupcakes for my mom
~Mini yellow Laffy Taffy bars
~White frosting
~Sparkling sugar
~Sugar pearls
~Red decorator gel or your choice of color

How to make:
These directions are for the crown only

1. To make the crown, place a wrapped mini yellow Laffy Taffy in a cup of warm water for 2 to 3 minutes to soften it. Be sure it is wrapped. Unwrapped does not work. It really pays to read the instructions
Unwrap it, then flatten it with a rolling pin until it’s 1-1/4 by 3-3/4 inches. basically form a little rectangle that is longer than it is tall.
Use a knife to straighten the strip’s edges.

2. With the tip of a teaspoon, cut five arches along one edge, as shown. I used a small round cookie cutter. It worked perfectly
Join the ends to form a crown and seal the seam with a few drops of water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes to harden slightly.

3. Dip the bottom of the crown into white frosting, then into sparkling sugar, and press it into place on a pink-frosted mini cupcake.
Apply a small dab of white frosting with a toothpick to each crown point, then press on a sugar pearl. for whatever reason, this was the hard part. I found I needed to use much more than a dab to make the pearl stick.
Add red decorator gel jewels around the middle of the crown for a final flourish. Any color works. Choose your moms favorite color

And you are done! See not so difficult at all.


Now to Make a ton of these for my mom’s special day!

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