DAWN OF THE CROODS Season 3 Premiers Tomorrow on Netflix!

“Is there something going on that I am oblivious too?” Nope, because The Croods are back in an all new season of Dawn of the Croods and it will premier tomorrow (April 7) on Netflix!

I am sure many of us are wondering, “What has happened to the Croods?” after we were left on a cliffhanger where the Croods family was eaten by a Tyrannaconda. Don’t worry, in the season 3 premier, the Croods are back with one goal in mind, to defeat the Broods and save Ahhh! Valley. However, once that task is done, the real trouble begins: Grug is appointed as history’s first leader.

Season 3 will take us viewers on an epic not-so-historical journey as we watch Grug attempt to keep his valley running smoothly and defend it against enormous super-predators. And let’s not forget, the Broods are still lurking about, so the Croods will also have to continue to defend Ahhh! Valley against those evil doers. However, Thunk’s new love interest may make the Brood-Crood war a little more complicated.



Dawn of the Croods Season 3 also introduces many more historic “firsts” to the Croods’ world, including gossip, golf, and “quicktogramming,” a Croodacious version of a social network that leads Eep to her future love interest, Guy – even if she doesn’t know it. In the cliffhanger season finale, Grug is forced to go on the lam when he’s accused of stealing food – but the culprit is actually Gurg, his evil doppelganger. All-new episodes of Dawn of the Croods, coming to Netflix, tomorrow April 7th!

Check out the special clip below and get ready to go prehistoric with the Croods tomorrow.

Eep has to act fast as she and her crush get chased by a Big Chikuna! Can she escape in time to finally get her first kiss? Catch up with these love bugs in all-new episodes of Dawn of the Croods, coming to Netflix April 7!

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