Descendants 2 Movie Party Recipes and Crafts

Dexcendants 2 brings a whole new meaning to “Chillin like a villain” when Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay return to the Isle of the Lost with Ben, King of Auradon. However, upon their return, not only do they have to avoid their parents, they also have to deal with Uma, daughter of Urula the Sea Witch. It may sound simple enough, but Uma holds a grudge against Mal for denying her entrance into her club. This grudge has festered causing Uma to desire the downfall of Mal. Long story short, we are in for a wicked ride.



In anticipation of Descendants 2 arriving on DVD, Disney has released a few party activities and recipes to enjoy while watching the all new movie.

  • Take the trivia quiz and test your knowledge
  • Watch the movie and play movie bingo
  • and make two delicious recipes to enjoy as snacks during the film.
  • I have also created a fun little craft featuring Uma’s pendant. Simply print, cut out, stick on some string and display your Uma love.

    To download the printables below:

  • Click in the images
  • save the PDFs to your computer
  • Print the PDF
  • Create following the instructions
  • or
    Go to LOL Disney and grab the activities there. However, Uma’s necklace can only be found here so be sure to grab that free activity.

    Descendants 2 Activities and Recipeies
    Wickedly Beautiful Bites
    Trivia Quiz
    Movie Bingo
    Magical Morsel Mischief
    Uma’s Pendant

    Check out my other Descendants recipes, crafts and printables on my blog for more activities and party ideas!

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