Descendants 3 is on DVD!!!

Continuing the Descendants Saga is Descendants 3, once again featuring Mal, Evie, Carlos,and Jay. This time the group returns to the Isle of the Lost to recruit new students for Auradon Prep. However, this visit leads to a mess load of evil plots, impossible odds, and tough decisions, including the possibility that Villain Kids (VKs) will never leave the Isle of the Lost again. At least all of us fans won’t be locked up in anticipation because Descendants 3 is on DVD today!



By a stroke of luck, I was able to score a review copy.

NOTE; Spoilers are below.

I could write about the music, which I loved, the cast, which I adore, or the story, which has literally become one of my favorites. However, I want to focus on my favorite part of Descendants 3 which is a message that I think many people, young and old, can connect with. In a time where differences of opinion, looks, and even a political stand can turn some of the most normal people to hate and despair, it is wonderful to see a film share that our differences make us who we are. We can cast aside our hatred and work together to make this world great.

Hades trying to leave the Isle of the Lost in Descendants 3

From the start, we have Mal’s fear of Uma, Villain Kids (VKs) fear of a new school, and a country afraid of Villains breaking through the barrier. It certainly doesn’t help when Hades tries to escape the Isle and attacks Mal, sucking her power away on national television. With so much fear, the peace and happiness in Auradon is short lived, especially when a marriage proposal turns a good girl into a villain..

This now bad girl attacks the kingdom by casting a sleeping spell on all who are in Auradon, leaving the VKs and their friends to try and save the day…if possible. However, in order to save the day, anger and hate must be put aside, they must accept each others differences and learn to get along. For Mal and Uma, that is easier said then done, because there is a lot of bad blood between them.

A not so happy Uma

In this movie, however, bad blood is just a word and being rotten to the core is more of a connection then they realize. This means the enemies, Mal and Uma, find a way to work together and save Auradon, which includes an epic fight scene with an army of knights. Actually, this is one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. With swords, knights, and awesome dance skills to match the perfect fight song, who wouldn’t like it? Check it out below.

If it wasn’t obvious, I absolutely love this film. It is a perfect ending to the Descendants Saga. The music is marvelous, the cast is fantastic, and the message is one that resonates with all. This is amazing and worth every star of the 5 stars.

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