DISH Scapes Enchanted Forest Printable Bingo Cards

Like they do every month, DISH has released a new DISH scape on channel 199 for the month of June. This time it is an Enchanted Forest! Viewers can expect to see gnomes, fairies, glowing mushrooms, unicorns, and so much more as they watch the channel shift from day to night. If this DISH scape is like those in the past, images will switch up as the month goes on and new magical items will appear.

What is DISH scapes? DISH scapes is a relaxing channel with ambient sounds that can be watched or enjoyed in the background while you are doing something else. New DISH scapes are added monthly!

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My mom and I were so fascinated by this newest DISH scape that we decided to create DISH scape Bingo Cards. We watched through several night and day scenes to make sure we found some of the most fun and magical events to fill the BINGO boxes. I know we had to miss a few and several of the scenes we had to really look to find where the sound was coming from. The whistling was one that gave us a bit of trouble, however, once we found where the whistling was coming from, we laughed so hard.

The Bingo game comes with three complete cards and one blank card. The Nickelodeon center is a free spot since that is always on the screen.

To play:

  • watch channel 199 on DISH,
  • when an event happens that is on your card, use a coin to mark it off
  • When you have five in a row (across, up/down, or diagonal) shout DISH scapes BINGO!
  • the group can then look over the card and agree or disagree with your victory.

The BINGO game is free to grab. Simply click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print, create, and play!

I am not associated with DISH scapes, nor are they paying me to make these. We simply found this magical and had to make something fun to play while we watched it.

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    • Raymond S Kozlowski on 09/24/2021 at 20:52
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    Bring back the Dish Scapes Enchanted Forest with the dancing fairy

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