Disney Descendants: “The Isle of the Lost”

Descendants coming this summer to Disney Channel

Coming this summer to the Disney Channel is Descendants, a movie about the most wicked Evil Disney Villains and their offspring. The Disney Villains and their kids are imprisoned on an island, forgotten by much of the world. But four children are offered a chance to leave the island and go to school in an idyllic kingdom. Will they follow in their parents footsteps, or discover that being good may not be so bad? Featuring characters such as: Evie the Daughter of the Evil Queen, Mai the daughter of Maleficent, Carlos the son of Cruella De Vil, Jay the son of Jafar, Audrey the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, Chad the son of Cinderella and Prince Charming, Jane the daughter of the Fairy Godmother, Ben the son of Queen Belle and King Adam, Lonnie the daughter of Mulan and Shang, and Doug the son of Dopey (yes Dopey has a son).

The movie takes place after the book, “The Isle of the Lost” written by Melissa de la Cruz.

Before Descendants airs on Disney Channel, grab a copy of the book The Isle of the Lost and catch up on the story of the Evil Offspring and their adventures to get the Dragon’s Eye.

Synopsis of the book:

Evil tree. Bad Apple?

Twenty years ago, all the evil villains were banished from the kingdom of Auradon to the Isle of the Lost–a dark and dreary place protected by a force field that makes it impossible for them to leave. Stripped of their magical powers, the villains now live in total isolation, forgotten by the world.

Mal learns from her mother, Maleficent, that the key to true darkness, the Dragon’s Eye, is located inside her scepter in the forbidden fortress on the far side of the island. The eye is cursed, and whoever retrieves it will be knocked into a deep sleep for a thousand years. But Mal has a plan to capture it. She’ll just need a little help from her “friends.” In their quest for the Dragon’s Eye, these four kids begin to realize that just because you come from an evil family tree, being good ain’t so bad. Amazon.com

Read an Exclusive Excerpt from the Book by clicking the image below (found on movies.disney.com). It includes the prologue and Chapter 1. Trust me when I say, you will probably get hooked.
The Isle of the lost book excerpt

To purchase the book, head to amazon.com and select your favorite format. Many reviews state that it is an awesome book and great for any Disney Fan. I believe those reviews may just be directed at us..

Grab more information from the official Disney Channel Descendants webpage and meet the offspring of such wonderful Disney characters.

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