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Perhaps one of the more unrecognizable Disney Princesses, and certainly not in the line up as a official Disney Princess, Princess Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron is forgotten by many. That is, until Paper Dolls By Cory revived her in the most epic way! Now, everyone can put Princess Eilonwy back in the Disney Princess Line Up just by printing this free Paper Doll and placing her with the other Disney Princess Paper Dolls!



Joining Princess Eilonwy in the paper doll masterpiece are Hen Wen and Gurgi! So not only do we get to create Princess Eilonwy but she is joined by two other epic characters! I love Gurgi!

Paper Dolls by Cory posted this free Printable Princess Eilonwy paper doll on his facebook page stating,

I have wanted to make a paper doll of her {Princess Eilonwy} for years! I made a few attempts but none of them felt right. I decided to model this paper doll after the style of my original Princess dolls from many years ago! This paper doll was a bit of a challenge. Not only does Eilonwy only have one outfit but there are no other female characters for me to base what other kind of clothing she might have worn. So I really had to use my imagination. I tried to incorporate the medieval and Celtic motifs from the film into her new outfits. I am happy with the results, but I still might add a more “princessy” dress for her later. I hope you all will like this set!!!

Thank you Paper Dolls By Cory, she is fantastic!

To download this epic Princess Eilonwy paper doll click the images below and save them to your computer. Then simply print and create for hours of fun!

Princess Eilonwy from Disney's The Black Cauldron

Princess Eilonwy from Disney's The Black Cauldron2

About The Black Cauldron:
Fantasy, magic, and fun are all brewed together in Disney’s legendary adventure The Black Cauldron. Whoever releases the mysterious Black Cauldron’s power will be invincible! The fearsome Horned King will do anything to possess it, but he is challenged by the most unlikely adversary: a young assistant pig keeper named Taran, who dreams of doing heroic deeds. With a motley team of the brave Princess Eilonwy, a minstrel named Fflewddur Fflam and Hen Wen, a remarkable pig who can predict the future, Taran embarks on a quest to stop the Black Cauldron’s evil once and for all. Will he have the courage to succeed? Disney

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