Feb 04 2013

Disney Princess Has a New Website

I received an email today with the announcement “We cordially invite you to the new home of Disney Princess.”
I have to admit this is the first time I have been “cordially” invited to a website, so, of course, I clicked the link and entered the Disney Princess new Home.

It turns out, not only does Disney Princess have a new home, but they have a whole new look as well!

It is very easy to navigate; simply select a princess and begin your magical journey. At this point, however, I do not see the options for Merida from Brave or for Princess Leia from Star Wars (since Disney now owns Star Wars LOL)

The available Princesses as of 2/4/2013 are:
~Mulan (not sure how she is a princess, but she is always refered to as one 😀 )
~Snow White

The site contains fun activities for each available princess
~Digital Dress Up
and more 😀

To enter this whole new world click the image below

© Disney. All Rights Reserved.


Have fun exploring the magic

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