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Princess Palace Pets are pets that have been adopted by a Disney Princess. Each one often has characteristics that represent the princess that adopted them. Cinderella is one of those princesses that has added several pets to her royal family ranging from Ponies to Rabbits. Recently, Cinderella has adopted a new kitten named Slipper.
Slipper SKGaleana

    Slipper is a plump pale blue persian kitten owned by Cinderella. She has blue eyes, a small pink nose with white muzzle, and light pink bangs and tail. She wears blue jewelry and accessories and a silver tiara.
    Cinderella has always adored this pretty kitty, She’s got a wonderful talent: finding pretty objects that Cinderella uses to create pretty jewels. That’s why the princess is fond of repeating “She’s my hidden Gem!”.
    (Palace Pets Wiki)

This Printable coloring page is free to download, print and color. If you do download this printable please consider donating. It takes a lot of time to create these fun printables and every little bit allows me to continue to bring these fun printables to you.

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To download Slipper:
1. Click the image below
2. Save the PDF to your computer
3. Print, color and enjoy


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