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Snow White Printables SKGaleana

Snow white is Disney’s first animated feature film and the first Disney Princess. The character Snow White is a kind and gentle person who sees no evil in the world. Her beauty shines and she is known as “the most fairest of all.” Her Evil Queen Stepmother is jealous of her beauty and orders her killed. However, the hunter left in charge of this task, tells Snow White to run because he couldn’t kill her.
With the help of her forest friends, Snow White finds the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs. She decides to remain there until her prince comes to take her away.

Because Snow White is the First Disney Princess, there are a lot of printables featuring her and the other characters from the film. Do a search under google images and it becomes almost overwhelming. However, I have found a couple sites with some awesome printables. The ones I am sharing below are just a fraction of what is out there.
The sites I found these printables on are:
Paper Dolls By Cory
and a cubeecraft from SKGaleana

The printables below include fun activities such as:
Coloring Pages
A printable Playset
Activity Sheets
Printable Picture frames
and more

To download each printable, click the image and save the PDF/image. Each of these printables is free to download, print and create. They are for personal use only. Be sure to also check out the websites that feature each of these printables because there are so much more there.

Snow White Printables from disney.co.uk
Count the Animals
Match the Dopeys
Coloring Page 1
Coloring Page 2
Coloring page 3
Coloring Page 4
Snow White Printables from DisneyInternational
Coloring Pages
Coloring Page 1
Coloring Page 2
Coloring Page 3
Coloring Page 4
Coloring Page 5
Coloring Page 6
Coloring Page 7
Coloring Page 8
Coloring Page 9
Coloring Page 10
Coloring Page 11
Coloring Page 12
Coloring Page 13
Coloring Page 14
Coloring Page 15
Snow White Printable Bookmarks
Snow White Printable Photo Frames
Snow White Printable TimeTables
Snow White Printables Crafts
3D Paper Craft from Spoonful
pumpkin Template from Spoonful
Paper doll From Paper Dolls By Cory
Snow White Cubeecraft by SKGaleana
Snow White Printable Puppets
Before Disney completely remade their website, they had several printables that were fun to download, print and create. The puppets were some of the printables Disney had available. However, for whatever reason, these printables were cut from the line up. I have looked everywhere for a link to share these puppets but I have been unable to locate anything similar. Therefore, I have uploaded them to my site so that you can enjoy their awesomeness.
These printables were not created by me.
Dopey in color
Evil Queen
Snow White

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