Disney’s Free Digital Download Prizes from 2009 Magical Celebrations Sweepstakes

Free Downloads and printables

In 2009, Disney started a campaign called “Magical Celebrations.” To get the word out about their new statement and campaign, Disney started a sweepstakes. This Magical Celebrations sweepstakes offered a winner a free pass to Disney parks and several other amazing prizes. To Enter the sweepstakes, any eligible applicant simply filled out a form and submitted it to Disney. Disney also offered the opportunity to increase the applicants chances of winning by allowing them to enter a form every day. By the end of the month of February, each person could have a total of 28 entries.

To give people the incentive to fill out the form and enter the sweepstakes, Disney offered a digital prize (digiprize) for each entry. Every day an applicant submitted a form, Disney gave them a digital download featuring the characters of their Disney/Pixar Films and TV shows.

These digiprizes consist of digital programs and fun and useful printables. For example there is a Lion King Digital Clock that connects to your computer clock. It opens on your computer and displays on your desktop.

The list includes:
~~Digital clocks
~~Printable Photo Frames
~~Printable Stickers
~~Printable Shopping Lists
~~Recipe Cards
~~Digital Calculator

While, at the time, these were only available for those who entered the Sweepstakes, they have kept the links active for those who still want them. The list below is each download that was offered in 2009. I am not sure how long these links will remain active but until the delete them you are welcome to download them. Simply click PC or MAC and save the zip to your computer. Once you have extracted the files, double click on the digiprize to open it.

If the Digiprize doesn’t work or open:
1. If the Digiprize doesn’t open, right click on the icon and click ‘Properties’
2. Click the Compatibility Tab
3. Click the block next to ‘run this program in compatibility mode for’
4. Then select the operating system that you are running on your computer.
5. Click Apply
6. Click OK
The digiprize should open without a problem.
If it still doesn’t open, select another operating system until you find one that works. 😀


1. Wall-e Digital Clock:
2. Castle Wallpaper 1024:
3. Ratatouille Recipe Card 1:
4. Dalmatian Photo frame
5. Muppets Stickers
6. Shopping list Peter Pan
7. Incredibles Letterhead
8. Cars Photo frame
9. Mickey Letterhead
10. Muppets Digital Clock
11. Walt Wallpaper 1024
12. Ratatouille Recipe Card 2
13. Mickey Stickers
14. wall-e shopping list
15. Little Mermaid Stationery
16. EARTH Wallpaper 1024
17. Shopping List Sleep Beauty
18. fairies Photo Frame
19. Shopping List Fairies
20. Sleeping Beauty Digital clock
21. Ratatouille Recipe Card 3
22. UP Wallpaper 1024
23. Aladdin Photo Frame
24. Muppets Stickers
25. Pinocchio Stationery
26. Lion King Clock
27. Ratatouille Recipe Card 4
28. Pinocchio Calculator

I hope you enjoy these free Disney digital download programs.
Keep an eye out for digiprizes from 2010. I will post them soon 😀

You can get the Digiprizes from 2008 here:

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