Jul 29 2013

Disney’s Princess Palace Pets Free Coloring Pages and Printables

Found here
Found here
Found here
Found here
Found here
Found here


Found here
Found here
Found here
Found here
Found here
Get the Whisker Haven Printables by clicking the image below:
Official Princess Palace Pets Website
Disney Palace Pets App (Free)

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  1. Luisa

    These are awesome!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. GranGran

    So glad to have found you. We have been home (ice on Monday, snow today) with a 6 year old who loves Palace Pets. You are a life saver today and we have one girl with a Texas Sized Smile. Thank you..

    1. SKGaleana

      I am so glad you are enjoying the palace pets activities and coloring pages. It does Makes those days stuck at home fun. Stay safe in the ice and snow 😀

  3. Lisa

    Thank you so much for having these printable coloring pages. It’s a life saver for my obsessed palace pet daughter, she loves coloring them. But, I can not open the black and white picture to print “Pounce”. LMK what you think. Thank you again!!

    1. SKGaleana

      You are very welcome! I am glad she likes them. I am so sorry about the broken link. All it was missing was a quotation mark LOL. It has been fixed! Enjoy!

  4. Catzcatzcatz

    you forgot Mady and Nuzzles,can you make those?

    1. SKGaleana

      They are in the works along with Muffin and Rouge 😀

  5. ashleyholt

    I previously bookmarked your cupcake toppers page to use for my daughter’s birthday party. It now will not open. Is the link no longer working? Thanks!

    1. SKGaleana

      They still work on my end. this is the link 😀 http://bit.ly/198MSwA

  6. Kay Wadsworth

    that is so great thank you very much as I would have no idea how to even make my colouring pages x

    1. SKGaleana

      Thank you so much!! I am very glad you like them.

  7. Kay Wadsworth

    Hi I love these for my two little girls as their both disney and pet mad but i cant seem to find the last few can you please help me.

    Here are the ones I cant find anywere

    Sweetie Pony
    Seashell Pony
    Windflower Raccoon
    Blossom Panda
    Bayou Pony
    Meadow Skunk
    Daisy Puppy

    1. SKGaleana

      Disney has not released those pets as coloring pages as of yet, I have actually starting making them myself. They will be released as I complete them so keep an eye out here or on my facebook/twitter pages.

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