Jul 02 2013

Disney’s Teen Beach Movie Free Printables, Recipes and More

Disney Channel is releasing a brand new movie on July 19th called “Teen Beach Movie.” To prepare their audience for their great summer movie, Disney Channel has released several printables, recipes and downloads.
The Party pack release contains surfboard streamers, cupcake toppers, invitations and more. You can find these printables below or on the official Disney Channel Teen Beach Movie Website.

When you click on the images below a blue screen will pop up sharing an Important message:

An Important Message
You’re about to go to a page that may include advertisements. Don’t forget to check with a parent before you go to a site where you can buy or download things. To go back, click on “Go Back.” To go to the new page, click “Continue.”

To continue to the printable press “Continue”. If you do not agree with the important message or no longer wish to view the printable click “Go Back”.

These printables will make a great addition to any summer party and a wonderful addition to your Digital hoard 😀

Teen Beach Movie Printables

Surf’s Up Banner

Rev it Up Banner

Welcome Banner

Puzzle Boxes

Food Labels

Origami Fortune teller

Friendship Necklace

Lingo Bingo

Origami Beach Ball

Origami Biker Shirt

Origami Bracelet

Origami Lei Necklace

Origami Wrench

Party Invites

Teen Beach Movie Poster

Food surfboards

Surfboard Streamers

Teen Beach Movie Activity Sheet

Teen Beach Movie Recipes

Full Tank Fruit Skewers

Hang Ten Hummus

Hawaii Bread

Throttlin Turkey Wheelies

Surfs up cake

Rockin Raspberry Smoothies

Dr Fusions Lime Soda

Beach Party Food


Beach Bingo


You can get more downloads such as wallpapers and icons from the official site.

If you know of any other Teen Beach Movie downloads be sure to share in the comments section below!

Just FYI: I am not an affiliate of Disney nor am I being paid to share these. I am simply a fan of Disney and of printables and I like to share what I find. 😀

I hope you enjoy


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  1. Zaynab

    do you have any grace Phipps printables

    1. SKGaleana

      These printables came from the official Disney website. I do not believe they have any Grace Phipps printables

  2. Jaclyn

    do you have any grace Phipps pictures
    I have a lot of grace Phipps printable

    1. SKGaleana

      I do not have any printabes or images of Grace Phipps. You can find some of her images by searching Grace Phipps on any search engine. You have my curiosity up, what printables do you have of her?

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