Doctor Who Mr Potato Heads

I think I may have found the coolest toys known to man or at the very least, close to it. And let me just say, even though they are for ages 3 and up, that “up” part includes all adults as well. From one of the last survivors of Galli-fry to a starch nemesis ready to Extermi-tator the universe, Doctor Who Mr. Potato Heads are here for all Whovians!

I know the Daleks are supposed to be these nasty alien creatures bent on destroying anything that isn’t a Dalek, but in Potato form they are just so cute. I suppose in potato form they would not be considered this ultimate species and may have to extermi-tator themselves. If so, Dalek French fries for everyone! Then the 10th Potato Doctor can rest easy knowing the Daleks are fried.

Dalek Sec is the ultimate Extermi-tator. All other potato heads are potato chips in the vast amount of galaxy dip. Be afraid at his mighty potatoness.
Doctor Who - Mr. Potato Head Dalek Sec - Black with Additional Head Piece

The Gold Dalek is The Doctor’s “starch” nemesis that will fry you up and serve you with ketchup! Or simply Extermi-tator you to the next dimension. Whatever the case, it looks to fry the universe in hot oil…I bet that would smell good for a split second.
Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head - Gold Dalek Action Figure Toy - 7 Tall

This is a big ball of wibbly wobbly…timey wimey…mashed potato stuff! The last known survivor of “Galli-Fry”, The tenth doctor, looks to save the universe from being fried for the weekend bbq. Speeding through time, The Doctor completes half baked plans and saves Earth. But when his potato life comes an end, The Doctor states he doesn’t want to go.
Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head - The Tenth Doctor - Action Figure Toy - 6.5 Tall

Each of these potato heads can be purchased from They all feature special Doctor Who Pieces related to their character. Dalek Sec and the Gold Dalek have interchangeable Dalek head pieces featuring one with eyes and one without eyes. The tenth Doctor comes with his iconic messy hair, red shoes and sonic screwdriver. Now go have some wibbly wobbly timey wimey fun.

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