Easter Printable Teddy Bears and Easter Bunnies

Bunny Easter 3d small
Free printables that require no glue or tape just in time for Easter.

These free printables come in assorted colors for the Easter teddy bears and the Easter Bunnies. Simply print these cubeecrafts, cut out, fold, and lock the tabs. In no time it becomes an Easter craft perfect for adults and children.

The Easter bunnies have cute whiskers and tall ears. Be sure to cut each of those along the white lines so that they stick out from the cubee.

Purple Bunny
Pink Bunny
Green Bunny
Yellow Bunny



Teddy Easter 3d small

The Teddy Bears have precious ears that need to be cut out along the white lines so that they stick out to give the teddy a finished look.

Easter Teddy Green
Easter Teddy Pink
Easter Teddy Purple
Easter Teddy Yellow

Grab more teddy bear cubeecrafts here!

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