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Ever After High features the teenage children of famous fairy tale characters. For example Apple White is the daughter of Snow white, and Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen. The episodes, books, and webisodes are based off of the Ever After High Toy line created by Mattel. Characters include Raven Queen, Apple White, Briar Beauty (Daughter of Sleeping Beauty), Madeline Hatter (Daughter of the Mad Hatter), C.A. Cupid (Daughter of Cupid), Ashlynn Ella (Daughter of Cinderella), Hunter Huntsman (Son of the Huntsman), Blondie Lockes (Daughter of Goldie Lockes), Cedar Wood (Daughter of Pinocchio), Dexter Charming (Son of Prince Charming), Lizzie Hearts (Daughter of the Queen of Hearts) and more.



These teenagers attend Ever After High where they are instructed to choose their destiny and follow in their parents footsteps. However, It doesn’t give every student a happily ever after. If the royalty teenagers follow in their parents footsteps and eventually live happily ever after, than those who have evil parents will end up imprisoned or worse doomed to be destroyed. It stands to reason that there may be a few students not happy with the destiny set before them. Will they be able to change the path before them and seek that possible Happily Ever After? Watch the TV show and the webisodes to find out.

Before watching/reading the stories of Ever After High check out the printables I found on the official Ever After High Website
Below you will find
8 stories
trading cards
and more.

I assembled the trading cards from the character bios on the website. Cut them out, fold in half and glue the backs together to make a two-sided trading card. There are 7 Royals and 7 Rebels. Collect them All!
I have also included a page of empty trading cards so we can make our own characters. The page includes two empty Rebel cards and 2 Empty Royal Cards.

Short Stories
1. The Unfairest of them all
2. EAH Book Excerpy
3. Hunter Huntsman’s Story
4. Ashlynn Ella’s Story
5. Madeline Hatter’s Story
6. Briar Beauty’s Story
7. Apple White;s Story
8. Raven Queen’s Story
Fortune Teller
Magic Cube
Locker Notes
Ever After High Printable Trading Cards
Free MP3
Download the Ever After High Theme Song

Check out the Ever After High website. Their members can explore the site and earn points to create their own dorm room, unlock special activities, and customize their Avatar. Members can also learn all about Ever After High, watch videos, read books and get the latest news on what is happening in the Ever After High World. The whole website is one gigantic Activity that it is well worth the time to check out.

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