Fourth of July Printable Tie and Hot Dog Holder

The Fourth of July is just a couple days away. All the big signs of one huge epic Independence Day party are everywhere. I am hearing fireworks exploding, watching ATVs cruise through the brush, and smelling the wonderful aroma that is from a BBQ! I love this festive time of year!



With all festive occasions and BBQs, there is always a need for themed decor. This time of year we display the USA flag, have red white and blue bunting, and even wear clothing celebrating our independence (Thank goodness wigs and tights are no longer a dress code).

To help prepare for the festivities, I have created a couple of printables that are sure to be a hit at the party. Wigs and tights may not be dress code but we can still have some sophistication by wearing a tie…even if it is made of paper. Also, to make sure food is not flying or falling everywhere, I have included a Hot dog holder that works just as well for chips, snacks, and other 4th of July delicacies.

To download these printables click the images below and save the PDFs to your computer. Then print and create these crafts to have the best Fourth of July party ever. And remember to take a moment and thank all of those who fought for the independence of United States of America over 240 years ago.

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