Free Cinderella Printable Games and Crafts

Cinderella2015 Bluray

Start the weekend with help from Cinderella now on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital. This weekend is a perfect time to have courage and be kind!

First, spread kindness with the Million Words of Kindness Campaign inspired by her motto to “have courage and be kind.”. Share your words of kindness and watch them get displayed for all to see. Don’t forget to share words of kindness With those around you. A few nice words can go a long way and make this weekend extra special.



Second, “Host Your Own Ball” with the free printables and recipes that are perfect for any weekend royal party. The butterfly notes of kindness craft are certainly a must for any ball. The helpful tips will also help make the ball a great success.

Third, watch Cinderella with friends and family and play Cinderella Movie Bingo (an awesome printable found below). There are 4 cards, one for each player or team. Simply print the cards, pass out the cards to the player/teams with a pen and let the game begin. The first to get Bingo is the winner. Tip: Pause the movie when a possible winner says Bingo, otherwise you will miss part of the movie.

To get the bingo cards, a cute mice craft and the Cinderella maze click the image below and save the pdf to your computer. Then simply print and create for tons of family fun!

Cinderella magestic games and crafts

Additionally, just in time for this release Roku and Android TV are the newest devices that came on board this week with Disney Movies Anywhere, alongside iTunes, Google Play, Walmart’s VUDU, Amazon Video and Microsoft Movies & TV! Disney Movies Anywhere offers consumers even greater access to their digital collections of Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies at home and on the go. Now you can watch the movie from even more awesome devices!

You can purchase the new cinderella movie from!

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