Free Fun Party Popples Printables and Activities

Popples printables and Activities

Join Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy, and Yikes in all new adventures that are always a pop, skip and a jump away now on Netflix! These Best Popple Pals (BPP) are always wanting to help their friends, neighbors, and each other. Their efforts, however, oftentimes backfire in hilarious ways. For example, Lulu makes an invention that is supposed to turn the treepod into a smart house, but once it is hooked up, it turns the treepod into a category 5 death trap. The Popples then spend the rest of episode trying to unwind the mayhem the invention has caused. Luckily, for Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy, and Yikes, they always manage to save the day, from whatever disaster they have created, in their own POP-tastic way!



At this moment there are five two-part episodes featuring the BPP’s and their adventures. The episodes are as follows:

  • Smart House Arrest/Sunny Loses Her Pop
    • Oops! Lulu’s science fair invention locks the pals inside the Treepod; Friends try everything to cure Sunny’s cold so she can play in the big game
  • It Doesn’t Take a Genius/Palentine’s Day
    • The whole town thinks Yikes is a genius after Lulu switches tests with him; Yikes and Mike Mine Face a big challenge on Palentine’s Day
  • Help-R Hinder/The Legend of Popfoot
    • Lulu’s robot goes haywire and tries to “help” everyone in town; Sunny tricks her friends into thinking a scary beast is headed for popplopolis
  • Win a Free Treehouse/Bubble’s Doubles
    • With their clubhouse at stake, the pals hunt for a lost treasure; Bubbles finds a way to be in two places at once, but her double makes trouble
  • Student Buddy President/The BFF App
    • Mike Mine tried to turn two pals against each other in the race for class president; Bubbles realizes a “Bff” app can’t replace friends

Free Popples Printables

In honor of the Popples release on Netflix, Saban has released several printables featuring our favorite characters Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy, and Yikes. Create 3D paper crafts of each popple, have fun completing the special friendship activity, match emotions, make a friendship pledge and more! All of these printables can be found on

To celebrate this release, I have also taken the time to create a few printables of my own featuring the Popples! These printables are free but I also take donations. Any amounts help keep the hobby alive, so if you download the ones I created please consider donating. Thank You in advance.

Amount you wish to Donate

These printables were created by SKGaleana
Popples Play Set
Treat Bags
Place Cards
Cupcake Wrappers
Cupcake Toppers
All of these printables below can be found on
Yikes Paper Craft
Yikes is a silly, enthusiastic, wacky ball of fun who loves pizza, pie and his Best Popple Pals!
Sunny Paper craft
Sunny is a competitive, logical thinker who loves sports as much as her Best Popple Pals! Driven by her competitive team spirit, she loves a challenge.
Lulu Paper craft
Lulu is an inventive, brilliant genius that always has a scientific solution to help her Best Popple Pals!
Izzy Paper craft
Izzy is an energetic, courageous, adventure seeker that can sometimes be a bit gullible. He lives to discover everything in Poppolopolis!
Bubbles Papercraft
Bubbles is a super social, fast talking, music lover! She aims to be the best Popple she can be by always helping her Best Popple Pals.
We’re the same We’re different activity
Parts of a Best Friend
Match The Emotion
Friendship Pledge
Friendship Frame
Bubbles New Friend Checklist

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