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Indominus Rex Display

I was walking through the electronics store the other day looking at the latest tech, games and new releases. My goal was to buy Jurassic World on Blu-Ray. After seeing the movie on the big screen, I had to own a copy. Not to mention that, for now, it completes my Jurassic Park collection.

The setup for Jurassic World was EPIC! It consisted of a large Indominus Rex and it was so large I could practically see it from he other side of the store. I certainly had no trouble finding my much needed movie in this store. I think I probably admired the cardboard decoration for a good minute thinking about how cool it would be to display a large Indominus Rex in my home. Imagine this beautiful cardboard setup greeting my visitors. Yeah, a girl can dream.



After my moment of awe, I scanned the Blu-Rays quickly looking for the perfect one. I like to be sure I am getting the complete set with digital copy and DVD. It’s a good thing I looked through each shelf for my perfect movie because sitting in a neat little stack on the bottom shelf of the Cardboard Indominus Rex Display were these awesome Jurassic World Activity Pages that the store was giving out for FREE. Oh I was not gonna pass this up! Let me just say they are in color and on glossy paper; high quality for an activity page and the real deal. I will admit I grabbed a few. I knew there were other members in my family that would love to get a copy as well.

Of course, when I started telling my friends and family about these awesome activity pages, many of them told me they have never seen them. Heartbreaking. I couldn’t leave them activity-less, so I scanned my copy and sent them a PDF. That started an explosion. I was getting emails with tons of requests for the little PDF I made. I figured the best way to handle this was post the PDF and let anyone who needs a copy download it for themselves. Easy and Quick.

To grab a copy, click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. The activity pages include:

  • Isla Nublar – Word Solve
  • Creation Lab – Color The Dinos
  • Park Cam – Spot the Difference
  • Raptor Training – Maze
  • Know Your Park; Know Your Dinosaurs, Know Your Facts – Crossword

Printable Jurassic World Activities

Be sure to grab the Jurassic World Dinosaur Field Guide to learn all about the dinosaurs and be ready for the movie! It has wonderful Dinosaur facts and illustrations that any dinosaur fan will enjoy.

Jurassic World Dinosaur Field Guide
Buy It Now From

And Check out my other free printables by heading to my other blog post Free Jurassic World Printables, Activities and Crafts!

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