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Alice in Wonderland - Alice

Alice in Wonderland – Alice LEGO Minifigure

How do you get to Wonderland? Just ask Alice. This blonde little girl gets herself into all kinds of trouble because she is so curious. When she sees a white rabbit with a watch, she immediately follows the little guy into a rabbit hole and falls to Wonderland. Her adventure is full of all kinds of nonsense, including talking animals, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, a Mad Hatter Tea Party, and let’s not forget the Queen of Hearts. Hold onto your heads!

Perhaps, I will stay in the real world and not figure out how to get to wonderland. Honestly, I would like to keep my sanity and my head. When the most sense comes from a Cheshire Cat that can disappear when it wants, I’d say reality is my best friend.



To commemorate Alice from Alice in Wonderland, LEGO has created an awesome minifigure depicting Alice in her blue dress holding a bottle that says Drink Me and a small morsel of food. Do you remember which one makes her bigger and which one makes her smaller?

In honor of Alice becoming a LEGO Minifigure, I have created a Lego Minifigure Alice coloring page! Simply download, print, and color for Lots of Lego Fun!
Best part is this coloring page is free! However, if you like it and download it, please consider donating.

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How to get the Alice Coloring Page:

  • Click the image below
  • Save the PDF to your computer
  • Print and color

Lego Alice Coloring Page by SKGaleana Download image

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