Free Lego Cheshire Cat Printable Coloring Page

Alice in Wonderland - Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland – Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire cat is mad, but then again most everyone is mad in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat is just very proud to admit it and uses it to his advantage. When Cheshire finds Alice in the woods, his unique personality helps her find a way to the Queen of Hearts and possibly a way home. During this encounter we learn that the Cheshire Cat can disappear at will, change shape, transport himself and perhaps even others to another location and almost seem omnipresent. If that wasn’t crazy enough, Cheshire has a constant smile on his face that is almost unsettling, then again he is mad, which in itself is unsettling.

Cheshire is one of the most sensible characters in Wonderland and seems to be the smartest. It is almost like he knows all and sees all. Unfortunately for Alice, Cheshire has a mad sense of humor and loves to cause chaos as seen with the Queen of Hearts. However, there are theories that his mad behavior towards the Queen of Hearts is what got Alice home, because in all of the chaos she woke up.



To commemorate the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, LEGO has created an awesome minifigure depicting the Cheshire Cat with his rather large smile and striped fur.

In honor of the Cheshire Cat becoming a LEGO Minifigure, I have created a Lego Minifigure Cheshire Cat coloring page! Simply download, print, and color for Lots of Lego Fun! Best part is this coloring page is free! However, if you like it and download it, please consider donating.

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How to get the Cheshire Cat Coloring Page:

  • Click the image below
  • Save the PDF to your computer
  • Print and color

Lego Cheshire Cat Coloring Page by SKGaleana download image

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