Free Printable Toy Story Fun Book From Disney Family!

I am always on the lookout for fun printables, crafts and activities, especially when they are free. Disney Family usually never disappoints when it comes to these kinds of discoveries. Sometimes, they have a load of new printables. I love to look at them all and of course download every single one.

Today was no different as I searched for something new and exciting. Upon entering the Disney Family site, I was greeted by their featured activities list. There sitting in front of me was a Toy Story Fun Book. Well I just had to check that out. I mean, who doesn’t want a “Fun Book”? It sounds like something that could be a lot of…well…fun.

toystory fun book

Turns out, the name doesn’t lie!. This “Toy Story Fun book” has all the makings of a great time killer complete with a Mr. Potato head Papercraft! Yeah you read that right. You get to create your very own Mr. Potato head out of Paper. Simply cut out the accessories and tape or glue them to the potato!
The accessories include:
~Nose, Mouth and Mustache
~and feet
I have include some screen shots of the PDF below.

potato head paper craft 1 SKGaleanapotato head paper craft 2 SKGaleana

The Mr. Potato head craft is not the only activity in this fun book. You will also find many of your favorite characters, including Woody and Buzz Lightyear featured on several pages!

In this 8 page book you will find
~Connect the dots/coloring page of Woody and Buzz
~Toy list and drawing – write a list of your favorite toys and draw your favorite one
~The Woody Maze – Find your way to Jessie
~Invent and draw your perfect toy – Invent the perfect toy and draw it as well as tell a little about it
~Create your own space ranger badge – Buzz Lightyear want to see your space Ranger badge. Invent your very own.
~and The story about your toys – Tell about the last time you gave a toy, where you keep your toys and what is the oldest toy you have

If you find these to be an exciting activity for kids or the young at heart, then I suggest grabbing this printable. It is free to download. All you have to do is print the 4 pages, fold in half and create the book by following the instructions, which are included. Simply click the image below. You will travel over to Disney Family where you can click the “Download PDF” Link and begin your journey to Infinity and Beyond!
toystory fun book

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