Free Printable Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft

Looking for a fun and unique Valentine’s Day Card to give out? Look no further! With just a few lollipops these cool Valentines take flight as beautiful butterflies. Well, they don’t exactly fly, but they look like they could. The great thing is they are fast and easy to make.

TIP: These Valentine’s Day cards require a pair of scissors and a knife to put together, adults should do all the cutting.

How to make:

  1. Print PDF pattern (see below to grab these for free)
  2. Cut out butterfly wings along the outer black lines.
  3. Cut along the black lines in the center of the butterfly
  4. Weave a sucker down through one of the holes just created and up through the second hole.
  5. Use the back to leave a special Valentines message and give to that special friend or Teacher



To download the Butterfly craft:
1. Click the image below
2. Save the PDF to your computer
3. Print, create and give to friends

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