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Rio Printables

“In Rio de Janeiro, baby macaw, Blu, is captured by dealers and smuggled to the USA. While driving through Moose Lake, Minnesota, the truck that is transporting Blu accidentally drops Blu’s box on the road. A girl, Linda, finds the bird and raises him with love. Fifteen years later, Blu is a domesticated and intelligent bird that does not fly and lives a comfortable life with bookshop owner Linda. Out of the blue, clumsy Brazilian ornithologist, Tulio, visits Linda and explains that Blu is the last male of his species, and he has a female called Jewel in Rio de Janeiro. He invites Linda to bring Blu to Rio so that he and Jewel can save their species. Linda travels with Blu and Tulio to Rio de Janeiro and they leave Blu and Jewel in a large cage in the institute where Tulio works. While they are having dinner, smugglers break into the institute and steal Blu and Jewel to sell them. Linda and Tulio look everywhere for Blu, who is chained to Jewel and hidden in a slum. Meanwhile, Jewel and Blu escape from their captors and befriend a group of birds that help them to get rid of the chains. It is Carnival and the smugglers and mean cockatoo, Nigel, do not intend to give up Blu and Jewel, and chase the birds through the crowded streets.” (Rio Story)

Rio is still one of my favorite movies. I love watching the struggles of a bird conquering his fears and taking life by the wings, facing the winds of change, and soaring to new heights. Even my parrot enjoys watching this movie with me. I am not sure if it is all the pretty colors, the dancing birds or just the weird fact that there are talking animals, but I catch Pretty Bird (yes that is his name) often dancing to some of the songs and whistling with excitement.
Pretty Bird dancing
Because Pretty Bird and I love this movie so Much I went on a search for some free printables. There are a ton of coloring pages out there and a few fun free printables. These are posted below. Be sure to visit the websites each of these were found on and send them some love. 😀

RIO Printables

The Party Animal (Rio Cupcake toppers)
Coloring Page
Kids Turn Central (Rio Activities)
Find Blu
Kids Turn Central (Rio Activities)
Blue Flyer
Kids Turn Central (Rio Activities)
Blu Speak
Kids Turn Central (Rio Activities)
Rio Activity Page 2
modern mami (Rio Activity sheet 2)
Coloring pages
Rio Coloring App

These printables were found on the following websites
1. animation source (coloring pages)
2. Kids Turn Central (Rio Activities)
3. modern mami (Rio Activity sheet 2)
4. spanglish baby
5. itunes apps
5. The Party Animal (Rio Cupcake toppers)

If you know of more printables for the movie Rio, post them in the comments section Below. I would love to add them to the list and add them to my digital hoard. 😀
I hope you enjoy this little piece of Carnival. 😀


    1. Thant is a great coloring page! Thanks for the share!

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