Free Winter Wonderland Printable Checkers Game


It is a Marshmallow World during my favorite time of year! I love the snow, I love to build snowmen, and I really love snowball fights. In fact, my whole family loves the white stuff that falls from the sky coating the world in a blanket of snow.



My love for snow goes far beyond the joy of playing in the winter wonderland, I also love all things inspired by snow and snowflakes. My Christmas Tree has snowflake ornaments with snowflake garland, my holiday dishes all feature snowflakes, and my DIY projects often feature homemade snowflakes with sparkles. I have even created a checkers game inspired by the tiny snowflake. I mean let’s face it, unless we shrink to the size of a fairy and play in a cold storage room, playing checkers with snowflakes probably won’t happen.


The Printable Winter Wonderland Checkers Game is easy to make, can be played by the light of a crackling fire (yay warmth), and it doesn’t require some person screaming, “Honey, I shrunk the kids”.

The Game set includes:

  • 4 pieces to make the board
  • 12 blue chips
  • 12 Purple chips
  • and Instructions
  • Each of the chips are two-sided. One side of the chip features the snowflake and the other side features the crown. So when a player is kinged, simply flip the piece over and it is now capable of moving in both directions!


    I think the best part of this awesome Snow inspired Checkers Game is that it is provided for free! Yup. simply click the image below. save the PDF to your computer, Print and create for tons of fun! Can’t get much better than that! However, if you want to donate I will not say nay. Every little bit helps keep this blog alive.

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