Frozen on Broadway Printable Paper Dolls By Cory

Once again Paper Dolls by Cory has released another awesome set of Frozen Paper Dolls. This time the Dolls feature the actors and costumes from the Frozen Broadway Musical.

Check out the new song “Monster” sung by Elsa in the broadway musical of Frozen:



The Paper Dolls that Cory has shared all feature costume designs by Christopher Oram. Below I have shared the Paper Dolls Cory has released thus far featuring Elsa, Anna, Hans, and Kristoff.

1. Caissie Levy as Elsa

2. Jelani Alladdin as Kristoff

3. Patti Murin as Anna

4. John Riddle as Hans

5. Elsa’s New Outfit

Check out Paper Dolls by Cory for nore paper doll designs and check out my blog here for more Disney Frozen Printables!

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