Fun Educational Printables Featuring Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Have you recently tried looking on Netflix? She has an all new series! In her all new Netflix series, this globetrotting thief-turned-hero explores geography, history, and culture as she works to take down V.I.L.E and their dastardly plans.



Who is Carmen Sandiego? The answer to that question is stated within the first two episodes on Netflix. We get her history and why she has become a hero instead of a villain. There were just some lines that Black Sheep would not cross.

Historically, Carmen Sandiego was introduced in 1985, starring in video games and TV shows. Like the new series, Carmen was a protector of cultural artifacts, stealing from those who would rob the world of their beauty and historical significance. She then returns the artifacts to their homes so that the world may continue to enjoy them.

In honor of this new series hitting Netflix, has released several free printables featuring games, puzzles, and fun geography quizzes to help kids learn and enjoy the new series.

As students follow the story of this strong Latina hero, they learn about geography, history, and diversity. Carmen’s adventures are an excellent way to enable discussions around social-emotional learning, cultural awareness, and empathy.

To download these amazing educational printables head to INSPIRE YOUR CARMEN CREW and download the PDFs. Some can be over 50mb due to the awesome work that has been put into these activities. I am not sure how long these printables will remain on their website, so get them while you can. I have included 3 of my favorites below featuring :
Carmen Cards: Learn about geography, populations, and languages in this card game featuring international cities and infamous VILE villains.
Code Capers: Crack the code to keep VILE from stealing cultural artifacts! Use geography know-how to unscramble hidden messages in these puzzles.
Series Companion Handbook:
FAMILY FUN GUIDE – Who is Carmen, Player, and Vile? What are some of the locations in the new series? A list of Season 1 episodes.
SOLVE – Word find, code breaker, mix up post cards,
GAME – family game night mastermind hunt, create a family flag, DIY Passport,.

Click the images below and save the PDFs to your computer. Then print and create to have wonderful Family Fun! Be sure to get all the printables from

Carmen Cards

Code Capers:

Series Companion Handbook

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