Get a Letter From One of the Characters From Planes: Fire and Rescue

Planes Fire and Rescue will be coming to a theater near you July 18, 2014. Before (or after) you go and see the movie with your family, your kids can write a letter to their favorite character asking them a few questions. In return they will get an airmail back with answers to their questions and signed by the character.

With adult supervision head over to the Planes Airmail site and have your child answer 8 questions.

PlanesFandR Begin

Image 1

The 8 questions are:
1. Your name
2. what character you would like to write to (see image 2 for the characters you can select)
3. What is your favorite color
4. What is your favorite food
5. What is your favorite sport
6-8. are questions you get to select to ask the character

PlanesFandR Who to write to

Image 2

Once all the questions have been answered, your mail is sent to the character of your choosing. After the mail is sent, you will receive a response from the desired character and signed by the character as well. It will also give you the option to print the response and save it or frame it. Let’s face it, it’s not every day you can get a response from the planes Fire and Rescue team. 🙂

The image below shows the response to my letter sent to Blade Ranger. Yours will look similar but I am sure your information will be different and therefore, your response will be different as well.

PlanesFandR answer

Image 3

I am not sure how long the airmail site will be available so send your letters ASAP. Print out the responses and show them off to your friends when you see the movie in theaters July 18.

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