Get Epic WizKids Games Delivered to Your Door from LootCrate

Stuck at home and looking for something new to play? Thanks to LootCrate, we can slay those quarantine dragons! t’s time to rise up and cause some mayhem with the new WizKids Medieval Madness crate!



WizKids Games Crate will upgrade your family game night with awesome tabletop games. This bi-monthly, mystery subscription crate delivers 3 WizKids tabletop games to your door every other month. Every crate is a surprise and can include card games, mini-games, strategy games and more!

When I receive one of these WizKids crates in October, I will be conducting a review. Keep an eye out for more information! I know, October is so far away, but don’t worry, LootCrate is offering expedited shipping for all those that order now. The crate can be out the door within 2 business days of your order. That means you will have your crate shortly there after.

These games are just an example of what could arrive.
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I would love to see what everyone receives so please share your pics below or on my facebook page. I am curious to see if each crate is random or if they mail out the same 3 games to everyone bi-monthly.

Details of WizKids LootCrafte:

For the gaming geek comes a new crate subscription from WizKids, delivering a mystery grab bag of 3 different tabletop games to your door every other month!

  • 3 WizKids tabletop games in every crate
  • Can include card games, mini games, strategy games and more
  • Every crate is a surprise!
  • $50+ MSRP value in every crate

    Cost: A single crate is $19.99 (plus shipping and handling), or opt for a six-month subscription which includes a free gift.

To receive a WizKids crate go to LootCrate and make an order.

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